How to achieve success!!!

How to achieve success?

SUCCESS, a key word in this competitive world of cut-throat aggresiveness.
Like a placard which we often have seen and read.

“SUCCESS” is meaningful only with “U”


We got “SUCCESS” only because of “U”.

so forth and so on.

How do you achieve this success?

To achieve success, we need to be different from the common folks. We should not be considered in the category “ALSO RAN”. I hope you have got it. This is what differentiates between the others and the successful you; I meant “U”.

So what is it that differentiates YOU and ME from the crowd. We may not be all that talented to be a clear winner. Some of us folks are talented, some are NOT. So how is it that the non-talented folks achieve success? Is it only the talented who achieve success? I guess NOT.

Talented people achieve success naturally through their talent, which is inherent to them. But about people like ME and some of you, the non-talented guys n gals.

I will sum it up with the words “HARDWORK and PERSEVERENCE”.

If you are able to really grind yourself and stay till the end, you will achieve success; inspite of being non-talented.

Let’s take the world of sports.
What do guys like JIMMY CONNERS, JOHN McENROE, PELE, RONALDINHO, STEFFI GRAF, ROGER FEDERER, ANDRE AGASSI, PETE SAMPRAS, SACHIN TENDULKAR have in common. They are all talented. That is what spaces them apart from the rest.

Among these greats you will also find names like IVAN LENDL, RAF NADAL, RAHUL DRAVID, KAPIL DEV and host of others. Are they not talented. They have made up for the absence of talent by their sheer hardwork and perseverence.

Such people achieve success because they have punished themselves days together only with their goal in focus. They have achieved the unachieveable due to their grit and determination to be counted among the talented few. It is this never say die spirit, which has seen them through.
Among us, a few are talented, really talented. I do not count myself among the talented few, but have achieved what I could by putting together my goals and the punishing and often repeatable routine to achieve my goals. I am sure, all of you will agree to me.

In the open and challenging journey to prove yourself, decide the course of action based on your talent. If you are talented, remember it is a GOD SENT feature. Exploit it to the full. Also be prepared to go the rough way to achieve your success and prove yourself.
Do you want to be counted among the ALSO RANs and are content with it
You want to be remembered for your contribution to your society, your organization, your inner circle and your work.


All the best.


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