A day in the Labour room waiting lounge.

A day in the Labour room waiting lounge.

Hey Guys and Gals, This time it is a write-up of a different sort. hhmmmm Yes, it has basically come from the same genre – My experience.

Preamble : My wife and me are expecting our second child and the D-day was preponed to around 7th to 8th of September, 2007 from the originally estimated and planned date 14th September.

Prior to this, the Doctor had revised the delivery date to 24th and the 31st of the same month. However for reasons known to us and the Doctor, the final date was set as 7th or 8th. Probably the previous revised dates were decided due to the last minute patch work done during the 1st project (our first child). The Maintenance phase took us and the Doctor nearly 3 months so that the Project could be set on track. This time the same Doctor and offcourse us, wanted no last minute hassles. So these reasons played on our mind and also the Doctor`s to have the revised date scheduled very often.

Here I have the major milestones for you.

7th September, 2007.
This was the day the Doctor had finally planned to get into the final phase (admitting to the Hospital). But as is happening currently in all the major hospitals, there was no Integration server with a formatted database (room for admittance) available. We did receive the final confirmation from the Doctor (Project Manager), but there was no provision for the Integration server. After a wait for nearly 5.75 hours, we did receive it. Thanks with a little help from an all important customer (my Father in law).

In the late evening, my wife was shifted to the Production server. I wondered is this the beginning of the long wait. Keeping my fingers crossed and allaying any fears of untoward last minute patch up occurring, I wished the Doctor has done her homework well. I really wished that she has implemented all the best practices from her past experiences and minimized the deviations from the past mistakes.

After waiting for nearly 3.5 hours in the lounge, I found my wife walking out and awakening me to a rude jolt saying that the project is not yet ready for delivery. The tension was palpable. Is something wrong? After a series of backtracking to the past few days and recollecting the details of the Doctors diagnosis, we shut out any thoughts of our dear project going awry.

So the early morning 8th September, 2:05 am, we were back to the Integration server, waiting for the right moment.

8th September, 2007.
We had a session in the morning at 8.00 am with the Doctor and She was convinced that it could be either the same day or the first day of next week, Monday. And we were not ready to wait until Monday. I guess the Doctor too wanted to get over the tension as soon as possible.
She decided to make use of a catalyst (the Induction method) to induce the labour pains. So typical of a project, when the deadline approaches. he he he ha ha ha.

Back she went to the Production server room. (labour room), and I was left with the others in the lounge. You can feel the tenson so visible on everybody`s face. Some have a happy ending and some ends the sad way. It is very difficult to keep a smiling face among the horde of people in the waiting area. It is a matter of the life and death. A thin line separates the two. It is a fact of life.

It is equally funny to see people who receive the good news and the manner in which they broadcast to all their relatives and friends. Some of them being very specific to talk aloud so that the others hear it crisp and clear. I dunno what they achieve out of it. Probably some kind of Jaada, which motivates them and makes them scoff at others less privileged.

Here I was waiting, waiting, waiting…. Finally the name was called out. I virtually leapt out of my seat like a sprinter off the blocks, but at the same time ensuring that I do not crash into someone in the crowd. I made my way to the door to hear the news. Yes, the news was music to my ears.

Elated, and bloated with success, I made my way to my seat slow and steady to gather my belongings and Yes, my blue bag which I chug along to office all the way. For it contains the goodies (eatables) that I always take time off to munch on.

After the initial euphoria and then the rushing of medicines to bolster the project performance (the newborn); I got some time to recline back on my seat.

Immediately I send a message to Rekha Ma`am, Anish Bhai and Ceejo Bhai. It said “We wanted a Cindrella, but was worried if it could be Dennis the menace. God heard our prayers and delivered the right product. Yes, it is definitely Cindrella, the princess”.

My wife was apprehensive if it could be Dennis the menance, for that could mean Double trouble for her.

Thanks everybody, for your prayers and support.


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