Ceejo, A mentor, a friend.

Dated : 21 September, 2007Time : 3:40 pm.
The month : September. Another red letter day in the history of Cordiant. Another personnel released from the services of Cordiant. Not just a personnel, but a VIP; who has spend a long time (according to him) with Cordiant evolving the business to the stage what it is today.
CEEJO, Thy name will be remembered among Cordianteers. As a senior person in Office, most of us looked upto him for advices and suggestions. For me, you have been someone whom I will considered among my inner circle for being one of us folks and being very simple to approach for anything.
Your exit from the organization is gonna have a deep impact on some of your colleagues. I can guess the events that led to your exit from the organization.
– First it was Sunil D, one of your inner circle friends to go. (At this stage, you probably had no idea that it would lead to your leaving Cordiant. But you were put into the THINK mode)- Next Anish’s exit might have hastened the THINK process- With only Rekha Ma’am among your inner circle to be here and none of your *bhidu’s with you, except for Ciju, Binesh and Vijesh (bhidu, a bombaiya slang for a close buddy); I think you decided to leave.
Well, these are all my thoughts.
Your absence will be felt by one and all, and most importantly by the Development team for whom you have always stood up for. Ciju, Binesh, Vijesh, Am I right?
I hope you will be here in Kochi so that we can meet quite often and have a great time. Ciju, Binesh and Vijesh will yearn to be with you for this meeting. I will sure join in for company.
Ceejo. We are sad you are leaving us and remember, we sure had a great time with you around. Especially for me, it has been a learning process from one and all.
Thanks for all that you have given me unknowingly and for being such a great FRIEND.
Ceejo, today in office, on your last dayYour presence, dearer, we’ll miss in the coming days,Your chuckled laugh ‘n’ the smile, will be amissGlorious days in future, for thou’ we from our heart, we wish.

Published by Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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