Chacko, My friend.

Date : 2nd May, 2007Day : Wednesday.
CHACKO, A very popular, down to earth person in our office. Always there to reassure you with that alluring smile of his.
Well, I don’t think we will be able to see that smile for long.
We had the previlege of having him amongst us 2.5 years back. When he had joined us, he was sort of withdrawn and would only talk to Rekha Ma’am and Anish Bhai; for they were the only people whom he knew. After an introduction to him through Rekha Ma’am, I was honored to be in his list of contact persons.
Every morning, he would walk in, sit down on his seat, and begin his work in earnest without any disturbance whatsoever. No matter what the hell goes on besides him or behind him. He would be totally immersed in his task. Occassionally we could see him turning his head and giving that flashing smile of his. We did have rare instances of him nodding his head in disbelief, agreement or surprise when the activities going on around gets to him. When I say “Gets to him”, I definitely mean probably he might have been disturbed by all those happenings.
Slowly, surely, he began to mingle with the group, and what a group. A group that consisted of unique samples; Myself, Shijil, Praveen, Srijinesh. We made up his initial group. We would be the ones to be ready at YMCA for lunch sharp at 12:15 pm. Chacko would be a bit reluctant to join in for lunch so early, but I would force him and take him along.
We also had the previlege of seeing him angry; I can’t call that as anger, but surely when he had lost that serene calm on his face. It would happen when the client reports back for non-issues for which they would blame us for no mistakes of ours. So Chacko, that was our chance to prove that you too have flaws. But surely you are way ahead of us. Thanks for everything, the fine moments we shared with you.
Today, as he prepares to leave us and join another concern in Kochi; we are sure he will be caring sweet, simple and caring memories. It is ammo enough for him to sit back and recall his days in Cordiant with us.
I will remember him for his reassuring talks and reposing in me the faith in God. Chacko, I guess you would make a good preacher. Tomorrow, the 3rd of May, 2007 as you will for the last time leave the office, we will miss you; miss you for being so different from all of us. You will be remembered.
We take this moment to wish you the best in LIFE, and SUCCESS in every effort you are involved in. Take care. Good Bye. 🙂


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