Highly inflammable.

It surely is experience of the most hilarious kind.
Day : Tuesday Date : 14th November, 2006.Importance of this day : Chacha Nehru’s birthday and affectionately called Children’s day.
It was 7:40 am, and I had just crossed from the Mundapalam bylane to get into the main highway. Taking this highway will put me on the road to Kakanadu. I remember the song “Country Roads, Take me Home” by John Denver. At this juncture the song is being replayed in my mind as “Highway Roads, Take me to Office”. Now within a few moments I am gonna have a mild shock. Guess what?
I dropped in at a petrol pump that is the first of the series of pump stations I would come across. I approached the boy at the pump and asked him to put me Rs 100 worth of petrol. I had by this time opened the lid to the tank and was waiting anxiously for him to get through the task. The next moment, i felt myself getting wet all over.
Huh, I found myself completely drenched in petrol, from my neck onwards to my toe. There was petrol everywhere on my being. My shirt, my pants, my boots, my bag, as it I had just been given a dry wash by the volatile product. I could feel the heat stinging my skin, because of a law we have studied in physics in our school days. It concerns the science of hot bodies and cold bodies – Thermodynamics.
Law 1Energy flows from a higher potential/ level to a lower potential/ level.
Law 2 Energy flows from a hot body to a cold body.
What I was about to experience is Law 2.
The cold volatile liquid on my skin was absorbing the heat from my body and I could feel my skin burning. The entire distance to the office found myself rubbing my skin to ease the burning sensation.
Immediately on being showered with petrol, I could only mouth some Hindi and Marathi words, which I knew that the guy wouldn’t understand. However, it did give an impression to the bystanders and his colleagues that I had the last straw. His immediate senior came out of the bunker and showered him with another round of malayalam words, which gave me immense satisfaction, since atleast 70% of my Hindi and Marathi lingo was translated downright to Malayalam.
It really was one hell of an experience. Guess, what lies in store for me next. I think the most comedy error of sorts are always reserved for me. Soon you will find another writeup from me on it. Until then enjoy yourselves.


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