Wel-come, Boyz Oops. Wel-come, Men in B

“Now that the party boyz are back… You can see them motivated.”
Shit I made the same mistake. Need I call them boyz. No they are men. Long back, I guess, they underwent a metamorphosis change from BOYZ II MEN. This time, they will ought to agree with me.
The gang : Shijil, Joshy, Dhanesh, George John, Renil, Gireesh and Thomas Joy.No, I won’t call them the D-Gang. That name is already patented by somebody else, someone who is called as D…..d and affectionately by his men as D…..d-Bhai. But for us, he is a traitor.

Well, I will call these people the S-Gang. You could add adjectives as you like it. I leave it to you.
Hi, Shijil, Joshy, Dhanesh, George, Renil, Gireesh and Thomas, I guess you had a joggernaut weekend in the dense wilderness of Wayanad. I really understand that it gave you an opportunity to vent your stress and go back to the roots we came from, back into the wild, activating your wildest side and having a rollicking time.
All the unexpected events that occur, whether it be a 2 hour wait at Tamarassery or something else that brought out your basic instincts or your wet instincts (wet, I mean, the heady aroma of booze); I know you have enjoyed it.
Great going, Guys. So you are back to modern civilization, urban ecosystem, stress and work. But I know, this outing and the subsequent experience you had will go a long way to keep you motivated and rejuvenated to keep your inner superman instincts alive.
Hey Guys, Welcome to the city. Have a nice day and wish you all the very best. The best from all of us here.


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