Daily Archives: July 18, 2008

SHIJIL, A friend, a brother.

SHIJIL, another name dearer to my heart.

A smiling and mischievous face and when that face speaks, we have the best one-liners falling out the lips. One-liners that will send you in throes of laughter and asking for more.

That is that class, I associated with Shijil.

I met him when he came to Millennium as one of the candidates for a testing related interview. I interviewed him and realized he is much similar to me in our approach to problem solving, and I realized that he should be an able subordinate to me at Millennium. He made the grade and there began a friendship, a brotherhood that will last as long we are alive. Continue reading SHIJIL, A friend, a brother.


My own Anish Bhai

ANISH Bhai. The man who makes us laugh with his one-liners, his jokes will no longer be with us. He has made up his mind to leave us and seek better pastures. He wants a new audience.

I know it has been 5 years for him in Cordiant and he is eager to move out and make his mark.

I had the privilege to know him when I had come to Cordiant for the interview on 23 September, 2004. Since I was a person who was new to Kochi, I had reached Cordiant a good 2 hours earlier. I had this buffer set since I was not sure if I could find the place. I had never ever come to the Kadavanthara side alone. Continue reading My own Anish Bhai