SHIJIL, A friend, a brother.

SHIJIL, another name dearer to my heart.

A smiling and mischievous face and when that face speaks, we have the best one-liners falling out the lips. One-liners that will send you in throes of laughter and asking for more.

That is that class, I associated with Shijil.

I met him when he came to Millennium as one of the candidates for a testing related interview. I interviewed him and realized he is much similar to me in our approach to problem solving, and I realized that he should be an able subordinate to me at Millennium. He made the grade and there began a friendship, a brotherhood that will last as long we are alive.

No words will sum up this guy. He has always been at my side when I need him the most, be it personal or official.

Always there to help people and no malice in that heart. He will sure motivate anybody to bring out their best.

When I left Millennium to join Cordiant, he too naturally followed me to the new organization; where we again teamed up to form a formidable group. Always the focus of the group, he would time and again without fail rejenuvate our spirits with his out of the world one-liners.

All we can say is “Special mention of Shijil, who keeps us laughing with his dare-bare thrissur slang jokes and antics”.

The corner he sat was the DE-STRESSING Corner. Everybody who worked with him will swear to that.

When asked about his marriage; he will shake his head, squirm in his seat, turn around and put his tongue out and say “There is lot of time”. Watch out for this action. he will keep shaking his legs as if wanting some action.

Now Guy, he is with IBS, Kochi and yes, he is married, having his time. Shijil, All the best.

This friendship, brotherhood will last as long as we are alive. Do take care. SHIJIL.

His slang reminds me of my MOTHER, that is why I adhore him a lot.

Published by Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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