Rekha Ma’am, A tribute.

The name itself brings along a great relief to anybody who has had a stint at Cordiant, Kochi. A name that brings smile to our faces, a glimer of hope in the most hopeless situation, a surge of confidence in times of deep trouble.

Rekha, we call her Rekha Ma’am. I recount my first meeting with her for my interview at Cordiant. Since I was a person who was new to Kochi, I had reached Cordiant a good 2 hours earlier. I had this buffer set since I was not sure if I could find the place. I had never ever come to the Kadavanthara side alone.

On reaching Cordiant, my interview which was scheduled at 4:30 pm was taken at 2:15 pm. Ma’am might have thought it ridiculous when the HR called her up to let know that the candidate scheduled for 4:30 PM is already here at 2:00 PM.

Probably Rekha Ma’am and Anish bhai thought that it would not be worth making me wait for an interview scheduled at 4:30 pm. In the reception, which is now the HR room, I remember Anish walking with me and Rekha Ma’am ahead of us. The first impression I got of Ma’am was her composed self and her effervescent smile.

On joining Cordiant, I had this beautiful opportunity to work with her and learn loads ‘n’ loads of stuff. Every decision she makes is thought of with the employees benefits in mind. In one of my poems I had described her in the following words.

Our QA Team, led by Rekha
Who knows, where to draw the line;
In India, it’s call’d, Laxman Rekha
Her motivation, makes us stand out and shine.

Yes, she knows where to draw the line, between fun and seriousness, between discipline and frivolity, between confrontation and agreement, between the HAVE’s and HAVE NOT’s. That is Rekha Ma’am. All those who have had the opportunity to work with her will cherish these moments in their life for ever.

As some of my colleagues remarked after leaving Cordiant “I WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH A MANAGER LIKE Ma’am”. These words speak volumes of her steely resolve to get things going and also seeing to it that we are not affected in any way.

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