Diet Tips

Diet Tips.

The diet for workout people, should at least include the following:
• 4 to 6 small meals per day (every 2½ to 3 hours)
• Each meal should include a portion of proteins
• A good multivitamin/mineral supplement
• You should drink more than two liters of water a day (stipulated is 2.4 litres/ day)
• A beverage containing 70 to 75 grams of carbohydrates (or a banana) to be taken right after the workout (The common man’s energy source is definitely the banana)
• More than 50 grams of proteins to be taken within 1½ hours following the workout.

If you fail to include one or more of the above elements in your daily diet, optimal muscle development will not be achieved. In addition, the above-mentioned dietary regime is a proven method to keep your body fat content low.

First, let’s see what do we mean by metabolism.

Your metabolism is like the engine of your body. You take in food, and your metabolism or engine, either uses it for energy, stores it as fat, and or creates the waste product of what couldn’t be used.

Now you can realize why people get fat.

The probable reasons are
1. Taking in too much food, your body then converts it and stores it in the form of fat,
2. A slow metabolism, where you aren’t really eating that much, but you don’t burn up the food efficiently,
3. Inactivity, if you don’t move around enough, your body just can’t burn up the food that it takes in during the day.,
4. There are some medical conditions that may also cause obesity.

Exercise is very important, it boosts the metabolism and burns off calories. The chart below gives a rough estimate of how much you would burn off doing certain popular activities. The chart is based on a person that weighs 150 pounds. If you weigh more than you will burn up more calories, if you weigh less the reverse is true and you’ll burn up less. To find out how many calories you would burn up for your weight all you would have to do is, divide your weight by 150 and multiply the number of calories in the chart by that number.

Chart showing the energy expended for person having weight 155 lbs and 190 lbs for different kinds of activities. This is the energy expended (calorific value) for the duration of 1 hour.

To calculate the calorie lost by you, follow the given steps.

i) You will need to divide your weight by 155 lbs or 190 lbs whichever is nearer to your weight.

ii) Decide which is the activity under consideration by you.

iii) Now multiple the calorie value with the result as obtained in Step (i)

iv) The resultant value will be the calorie lost by you for the selected activity.


i) Suppose your weight is 200 lbs (It is necessary to convert your weight from Kgs to lbs : 1 Kg = 2.2 lbs).

ii) Now divide your weight 200lbs by 190 lbs (i.e. 1.05)

iii) If the activity selected by you is Running, 12 minutes per mile, then the calorie value for 190 lbs is 689. Hence multiply 1.05 with 689 = 723 calories.

You can use the CALORIE Calculator.

To use the Calorie Calculator effectively, please follow the steps given as under.

a) Find out which activity is the one you are interested in, and note down the calorie value for the weight you are closest to.

E.g. If your weight is 77 Kg, you will need to select the calorie value for 70 Kg from the table given below.

b) Click the link for the Calorie Calculator. It will prompt you for basic inputs such as (i) Your weight, (ii) The weight you are

closest to, (iii) The calorie value that you have noted down with respect to step (a).

c) Please ensure to enter the values and press the ENTER key. Thank you.

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