Fiber foods

Fiber Foods

Fiber, also called roughage or cellulose, should be an important part of anyone’s daily diet. It helps to reduce fatty deposits. Here is how it works: When fiber enters your digestive system it absorbs the available liquids, then as it goes through the body it almost has a sweeping or cleaning effect on the cells.

Fiber is not digested by your system. It goes through your system sweeping out the bad stuff and then facilitates elimination. It also reduces the re-absorbtion of bile salts (salts that digest and break up fats). Since the bile salts are prevented from re-absorbing, the fat is not permitted to re-enter into your system again. It is flushed out.

Fiber controls Weight

High fiber can control weight, by:

1. Reducing the caloric density of your diet.

2. Slow the rate at which calories are ingested.

3. Slightly decrease the speed by which dietary energy is absorbed

4. It will also add volume to your diet, leaving you feeling fuller longer.

Fiber rich foods

1. Whole grains and the bran of grains.

2. Vegetables, best if eaten raw, but could be slightly cooked.

3. Root vegetables, like: Carrots, white and sweet potatoes.

4. Fruits & Vegetables with tough skins .

5. Pod Vegetables, like green beans and green peas.

6. Seed & Nuts, but definitely unsalted!

You should really add it to your daily diet.

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