Weight Training – Shoulder workout

Weight Training – Shoulder workout

Shoulders are comprised of
– Anterior deltoids
– Posterior deltoids

The commonly recommended exercises are
1) Front barbell press (military press)
Place the barbell across the upper part of the chest. Hold the bar with the hands just to the sides of the shoulders, thumbs are turned inwards.

Extend the arms upwards. This exercise can be done in sitting or standing position. In both positions you have to make sure you keep good posture throughout the motion, don’t bend the lower back inwards.

By placing the hands closer together more emphasis is on the front of the shoulder.

By placing the hands more outwards more emphasis is given to the lateral part of the

2) Dumbbell press
Take a dumbbell in both hands. Put the hands at shoulder height with the thumbs inwards.

Straighten the arms upwards.

Variations: This exercise can be done sitting or standing. The arms can be moved
simultaneously or one at a time. The hands can be turned inwards and moved towards
each other at the top.

3) Dumbbell side raises (also called Side Lateral raises)
Take a dumbbell in each hand, let the arms hang down with hands turned inwards (standard).

The starting position can be with hands in front, next to or behind the hips.

Keep the elbows slightly bend. Raise you arms sideways till horizontal.

Variations: hands can be moved simultaneously or one at a time.

Note: Please avoid elevating the arm above shoulder height as this might cause tendon problems.

Another way to avoid impingement of the tendons is to turn the palms of the hand upwards. This will create more space between the head of the upper arm and the outer part of the shoulder blade (acromion)

4) Bend over raise
Sit on one end of a bench, knees slightly bend.

Bend the upper body till horizontal keeping the back straight.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, let the arm hang down with the elbows slightly bend. Lift the arms till horizontal.

5) Upright Row
Hold the barbell in front of the hips with thumbs inward.

Hold the hands close to each other with approximately one hand width in between. Pull the weight up towards the top of the chest, keep the weight close to the body.

Don’t lift the arms above shoulder height. Bring the weight back to the starting position, don’t lock the elbows.

Variation: you can put the barbell in front of you from the top position and bring it down in a half circle or the other way around, so out from the bottom part, half circle upwards and bring it in at the top and lower it close to the body.


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