Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)

Weight Training – Triceps workout (Arms – II)
Tricep is the larger muscle in the arms. Proper development of tricep enhances the girth of the arms, giving you those powerful arms which you always dreamt.

The triceps is comprised of
– Brachailis
– Tricep long head

The commonly used tricep exercises are
1) One arm triceps extension (sitting or standing)
Take the dumbbell in one hand, straighten this arm upwards.

Thumb is turned inwards.

Bend the arm and bring the dumbbell to the back of the head. Straighten the arm by extending the elbow.

Note: this exercise puts strain on the shoulder joint and should be avoided when
experiencing discomfort in this area

2) Lying dumbbell triceps extension
Lay supine on the bench, take a dumbbell in one hand.

Let the arm point straight upwards, keep the hands turned inwards.

Bend the arm, keep the elbow pointing up.

Straighten the arm.

Variation: rotate the arm inwards and move the weight across the body to the opposite shoulder.

3) Dips behind the back
Put the barbell across the lap, put the feet a little further from the bench flat on the floor, put the hands on the edge of the bench and make a firm grip to avoid slipping.

Now move the buttocks forward from the bench.

Bend the arms till the upper arms are horizontal, straighten the arms.

Note: this exercise can also be done with the feet on an elevated object

4) Barbell extension (also called French Tricep extension)
Lay supine on a bench, place the barbell above your shoulders, thumbs turned inwards, hands close to each other with approximately one hands width in between.

Bend your arms, the barbell goes in the direction of the forehead.

Keep your elbows above your chest. Now extend your arms and return to the starting position.

5) Kick back
Stand with one slightly bend knee, take a dumbbell in one hand, put the opposite knee
and hand on the bench.

Keep the back straight and head up.

Keep the upper arm parallel to the upper body with the elbow bend 90 degrees, hand turned inwards.

Extend the elbow until the arm is parallel to the floor. Contract the triceps at the top of the motion.


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