Meticulous George John

I thought of writing these lines, since another GOOD GUY is leaving us. It is nearly time for George John to move out of Cordiant and start his stint with Oracle.

I still remember this guy when he came for the interview. We decided to take him under our tutelage and provide him an opportunity to stay with us. The next day at around 2:00 pm, I had another interview in the conference room. What happened thereafter still makes me and Anish laugh in splits. Anish and me greeted John who was sitting in the reception counter. But there was no response from him. It made me and Anish wonder “What has happened to this guy? Isn’t this John whom we had recruited yesterday?”. Later on closer investigation, we realized that the person in question was none other than John’s twin brother Mathew. It is a different story that Mathew is not with us.

But that one incident makes us laugh all the time we talk and reminesence about the incident.

“John” . I can go on writing on this character. He reminds me of my yesteryears, silent, non-talking and very little mingling with colleagues. He still is in the same mould. With age and experience, I have grown to be more talkative. I wonder if the same happens to him. Yes, If he wanna grow with his career and his experience, he will need to change. John, DO remember these words.

John has always been very close to Dhanesh. They share a great bond, and I can see them putting in their efforts together in whatever they do, be it testing, arguing over some technical subjects, or the price of items in the market. That is the only time I see him laugh, smile and open up. Maybe I am not aware of the other instances when John really opens up and puts you in a daze.

I had the opportunity to be with him for a few months. I was surprised myself when I would without my own conscience knowledge analyze him. He always had that special something in his habits and behavior. Very meticulous, hardworking, intelligent, and serious, is how I could sum him up.

With a few days remaining in our midst, I guess he too might be feeling the jitters of leaving a group whom he has known for a good period of time. I can see him venturing into those dreamy gazes, probably thinking of the future that is in store for him.

John, Here’s me with all the others in the QA Team, wishing you a very bright future and a fantastic life to look forward to.

Published by Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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