War on Mumbai, Nov.26, 2008. (Mumbai 26/11)

War on Mumbai
Nov.26, 2008

Nov.26, 2008; The day terrorists struck Mumbai, the Financial capital of India. With meticulous planning and execution, the fanatics went about their job with professional precision, striking terror into the hearts of the people of India. Every citizen stood stunned as it unfolded on the TV screens and the less privileged who were caught in the midst of the attack.

As was customary, I put on NDTV for my daily evening dose of news and I was aghast to find that Mumbai is struck again. When the terrorists struck at 9:40 PM on Wednesday, the initial thought and news that went around and also propagated by the TV news channels were about the in-famous gangwars that typically rock Mumbai. Within a span of 12 minutes, it was then we realized that it is not a gangwar and it was an attack of a different sort. It finally dawned on us that it was a terrorist attack. By then in these 12 minutes, they had already struck at 4 places and they would go on to strike 6 more places.

I have spend a considerable time of my life at Mumbai and I would say “The best place in India”. Teaches you how to live life to the fullest. If you can survive in Mumbai, you can survive in any other city.

I have known these places and have been a frequent at the LeoPold cafe (which was the first to be struck). Any visitor to Mumbai can never miss the Gateway of India, The Taj Hotel. Infact, the dome of the Taj Hotel is a feature of the South Mumbai skyline and it will never be the same again. It was sad to see the Hotel burning and the dome come down.

It’s time our politicians realize that it is not petty and dirty politics that they should play. They are responsible for the welfare and security of the millions of citizens; citizens who cherish being an Indian, who pay their tax regularly to contribute to India’s progress.

It’s time the politicians come to the senses and do something for India, rather than be involved in mud-slinging and accumulating wealth. It was the duty conscious police force, the NSG, the armed forces who laid down their precious lives fighting the terrorists. It’s also time the politicians think on uplifting the living standards of the police force and accord them the respectability that they deserve. It’s time to rethink on various aspects of our country. It has been laid bare by the recent attack. We should shun the separatist politics, come together and fight this evil as ONE.

From all of us, INDIANS, it’s SALUTE to the brave men who have laid down their lives. We need to fight this mindless, fanatic terrorists, before they hold the nation to ransom. All Indians SALUTE you, BRAVE HEARTS.

Shame on the politicians, They were caught unawares and caught again playing dirty politics. Shame on you.

Let’s all Indians come together and put some sense into the heads of our politicians. We need to fight as ONE.

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