Effective Software Project Management

Effective Project Management?– Effective Project Management is very crucial to the project.
– Projects are run successfully by a judicious mix of training, mentoring and management support.
– The synergistic effort leads to improved performance and achievements.


Project Management Aspects
We can evaluate the project management activity on two basic aspects

1) Technical Aspects
– This aspect involves the technical skills required, having the essential project management processes in place, and the presence of standards

2) Human Aspect
– This aspect involves the ability to gel well with the team members/ subordinates, coaxing them to fulfill the work obligations, motivating them to higher levels of performance and so on.

A project management activity can be categorized into 4 levels.

Level 1 : Management of the work to be done
Level 2 : Management of the management of the project
Level 3 : Evaluating the delivered business benefits of the project.
Level 4 : Evaluating the benefits of the project selection and how we could improve in the next outing.


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