Introduction to Automation

Automation Tools : Session 1.
Introduction To Automation


• Automation is not a replacement of
Manual testing.
• Automation supplements manual

Pros of Automation
• Enables to execute tests repetitively.
• Useful in Regression Testing.
• Much faster, As tests can be run
simultaneously in different machines.

• Costs more. Initial cost for automation
is more than running the tests
• Not all scenarios can be automated.

Automation Planning
• Planning for Time
• Planning for Resources
• Planning of Test Coverage

• There are two sets of questions to determine whether automation is right for your test case:
I) Is this test scenario automatable?
1. Yes, and it will cost a little
2. Yes, but it will cost a lot
3. No, it is not possible to automate

II) How important is this test scenario?
1. I must absolutely test this scenario whenever possible
2. I need to test this scenario regularly
3. I only need to test this scenario once in a while

Where to automate?
• Where there is repetition.
• If the requirements are mapped to test cases.
• For performance testing.
• If you have the time and money.
• If there is a permanent automation team.

Common Features of Testing Tools

• Record and Play Back.
• Scripting.
• Check Points/Verification Points.
• Test Execution.
• Data Tables.
• Test Execution Results. Test Logs.

Record And Playback.
• You can record testing actions and play them back to run a test.
• Its not used extensively in automation since
• Data and Commands are recorded together
• Very difficult to maintain.
• Difficult to generalize scripts.

• Checkpoints are tools provided with the testing tool to test the state of an object in the AUT at a given point of time.
• Types of checkpoints
• Text Checkpoint
• Bitmap Checkpoint
• Database Checkpoint

• Automation is programming.
• In QTP/Rational Robot, VB Script is used.
• Scripts can be written in the script editor.
• Recording actions will generate scripts.

Data Tables
• Data tables are tables where you can place the data needed for testing.
• You can access the data in the datatable through the script.
• In QTP the data tables can be loaded from an excel sheet.

Test Logs
• Test logs are the results of a test run
• Test logs are to be interpreted for actual test results


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