Agile/ Scrum Development

agile development, scrum development

Thoughts about Agile/ Scrum development.

The word “scrummage” is a modification of “scrimmage” (the form of the word previously used in rugby and still used in American and Canadian football), which in turn derives from or is a cognate of “skirmish“. The term was used in the laws of rugby union for a long time before being permanently contracted to just “scrum“.

Well!!! Now you gauged what SCRUM is all about.

Imagine a game of rugby with 16 youngsters (each team contains eight) pushing, jostling, pulling to get the possession of the ball. The thing is to keep the ball in play. If an infringement happens and the ball is declared out of play, the game is paused and restarted. This restarting of the game is what is called SCRUM. Hence in a SCRUM, the forwards of a team will challenge the forwards of the other team by jostling and pushing to pass the ball into the tunnel created by these row of players.
Very often, players injure themselves with a broken nose, lips, ears or a bruised head.


SCRUM in the software industry:

Scrum/ Agile development process talks about iterative releases within the shortest possible time.

The main objectives for the Scrum project team are
– Deliver as fast as possible. i.e. shortest possible time.
– Deliver when the market needs it. You play to the market. Tackle the what, how and when of the market. (What are the requirements? How can we implement the requirements? When do we release the features to the market?)
– Get back to the table and plan for another Scrum to make our product better.

In the process, we have to take tough decisions, make right moves, parry the attacking competitor, juggle the market requirements and ultimately give the best we can to the market.

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