Champions League Final – 2009 (FootBall).

Champions League Final – 2009.

A night to remember for football fans. Two of the best teams, one from the English Premier League and the other from the Spanish League “Spanish La Liga”. It was enough to provide the much needed fireworks when the titans would clash, but the match hopelessly turned out to be one-sided with the talented Samuel Et’o and wizard Lionel Messi turning the match Barcelona’s way.

Barcelona won 2 – 0. The scoreline suggests it all.

I am a huge fan of Manchester United and I saw my club play football that is so uncharacteristic of them. They never got a chance to click as an unit, that made them so famous. Barcelona did not allow them to.

It was meant to be the clash between
– Josep Guardiola (Barcelona coach) vs Alex Fergusson (ManU coach)
– Lionel Messi vs Christiano Ronaldo

Alex Fergusson has been at the helm of the club propelling ManU to never before experienced glory, but this was not his day.

It sure was not a day for Christiano Ronaldo. He got increasingly frustrated by lost chances and which was evident and probably made him lose his focus.

As a club, I expected ManU to win and achieve the distinction of the first team to retain the Championship League title and also wanted them to achieve the five titles.

If I am asked to support and select a player, I would place Messi way above . Ronaldo, for his
– Never say die spirit
– His humility
– His talent

Ronaldo needs to learn to not let success go to his head. He should learn to respect his opponents and to not let frustration script his fall. He has a long way to go.

Well done, Barcelona.

ManU, there is always another chance to get back. All is not lost.

The fans sure had a view of the good football Barcelona played throughout.

Ultimately sports won.

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