Motivation and perseverence to keep your fitness

Motivation and perseverence to keep your fitness.

Folks!!! It surely is a pain to keep your fitness at the best. It is a daily grind of workout, that soon becomes monotonous and boring. Unless you are a bodybuilder, where we have different training methods and routines which enables you to break the monotony; it is really boring for a general fitness enthusiast.

How do you keep up the motivation?

Motivation : (Definition 1)
The definition of motivation is to give reason, incentive, enthusiasm, or interest that causes a specific action or certain behavior.

Motivation : (Definition 2)
A means to empower you and set you on track to achieving your goals.

As seen above, you can very well understand that it requires a certain amount of action so that the desirable outcome can be achieved. It is very important that you have in mind the extent of the outcome that you need to achieve. i.e. set your goals right.

To achieve these goals is an uphill task and moreover it needs to be consistent and persistent. How can we maintain this consistency?

Maintaining consistency through motivation.

Let’s take up an exercise routine and see how we can maintain this consistency.

Say, you are doing pushups. You have graduated to a moderate level after a consistent couple of months. Into the third month, you feel the laziness creeping in and spoiling your effort and your goals. What do you do? Exasperated, because you can’t keep up the motivation levels.

I will put across some techniques that will contribute a fair deal in keeping up your motivation levels.

Technique 1: Counting in reverse.

The typical mode of counting your pushups or a repetition is 1, 2, 3, 4, …. This mode of counting is fine as long as you are enthusiastic and are involved in an interesting activity. After a couple of months, the exercise routine becomes monotonous.

Now try counting in the reverse, say 25, 24, 23, 22, …., 1 and see how it affects your performance. It makes your subconscious mind into thinking that there are only ‘N’ pushups or repetitions remaining and the brain is kept fresh as ever.

Technique 2: Using a name.

Say I want to do a 4 set of pushups each having 25 repetitions and I am sick of doing the same pushup routine for days, months and years.

What do I do? I will use a name that is dearer to me. For instance my wife’s name, a girlfriend’s name or a boyfriend’s name.

E.g. Suppose my wife name is Bindu; I can count in the following ways.

5 x 5 i.e. Bindu x 5 i.e Repeat the letters BINDUBINDUBINDUBINDUBINDU. Viola!! you have 25 repetitions.

You can have a mix and match combination.

ILOVEBINDU gives me 10 repetitions and so on. It is left to you to conjure up any type of combinations to facilitate your counting technique.

In this way, you are not complacent and find it interested to carry on your workout. Do try this and reap the benefits.

Try combining your favorite gals names or boyfriends name and see what you can achieve.

Technique 3 : Relating to a goal you have for the day.

Another technique that does wonders is relating to some other work/ task not necessarily concerned with your workout.

Suppose you are an engineer and a fitness enthusiast. How can you do it?

You have a job to complete on this day at your workplace. You can push and goad yourself to realize your goal for the day.

I would say to myself; “I will complete my office task # 2 today, if I can do 25 repetitions”. In this way, you can push yourself to do 25 repetitions and also motivate yourself for the day to complete the said task in the office/ workplace. Hence I would motivate myself by saying “I did 4 sets of 25 repetitions today, so I will complete my work today.”.

My sincere advice to all out there.

“Listen to your mind, and believe in your inner self; for it is a powerhouse that can do wonders. IT IS VERY EASY TO GET TO THE TOP, BUT TO REMAIN THERE AND SHOW CONSISTENCY IS A WHOLE LOT OF EFFORT, DEDICATION, AND ABOVE ALL, MOTIVATION.”

Motivation, You sure can!!! Go ahead and try it out.

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