Michael Jackson, A Tribute

Michael Jackson – A Tribute

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop
Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

June, 25, 2009 : A sad day to remember ’cause it marks the death of one of the most complete and wholesome entertainer of the world of music. Yes, “Michael Jackson”. Born August 29, 1958, he has been singing since childhood carving a niche for himself in the music world. His most notable contributions include “Thriller“, the best selling album, “Bad“, “Dangerous“, “We are the world” and many more. We cannot ignore those yesteryears classics like “ABC“, “You are not alone“, “The love you save“, “I’ll be there“, “Enjoy yourself“, “Shake your body“, “Dont stop ’till you get enough“, “Rock with you“… His initial foray with his brothers as “The Jackson 5” and managed by his Dad, proved to be the stepping stone for this talented artist. Winning the Grammy 13 times is truely a remarkable achievement.

He has come a long way and though controversies surround him, there is no doubt that his fans love him.

I have grown up listening to his tracks and watching his dance videos to learn and pickup the tit bits of MJ’s famous dance style. We have grown up with him and watched the world of MJ unfold before us. It is really sad on hearing about his death. Fans the world over will mourn his death and keep his music and dance alive.

The few lines I have here will sum up the Legend, The KING of POP, our own MICHAEL JACKSON. I love you, Michael.

        To MJ, A tribute.

You came into this world, our loving MICHAEL
and reached in the world of music, the PINNACLE
You, we love as “The King of POP”
Without you, the music world is a Full STOP.

Your songs ‘n’ dance to millions, CAPTIVATED
and to equally millions, your videos, MOTIVATED
To learn and pick the dance style that’s UNIQUE
To us, you are our own and truely UNIQUE

Every song of yours, on our LIPS
Every move of yours, on our HIPS
We’re as you, Eccentric ‘n’ CRAZY
and on seeing you, get into a FRENZY

Michael, Your death, to us, is a big LOSS
The music world without you, has lost its GLOSS
You will, in our hearts, remain FOREVER
and all the world, a genius, will REMEMBER.


One thought on “Michael Jackson, A Tribute

  1. I see lot of people searching for “Wacko Jacko”. This was the term used by the media to deride Michael Jackson.

    My interpretation of the word goes like this.

    Wacko – Short term used for “Whacked out”
    Jacko – Possibly a slang for “Jackson”

    Hence the term “Wacko Jacko”. It was mainly attributed to the eccentric ways the King of Pop had.

    I hope this answers the search. Thanks.


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