My views on Michael Jackson’s reclusiveness

My views on Michael Jackson’s reclusiveness.

Michael Jackson : The world ushered him as a child prodigy, exceptionally talented and with a divine penchant for music. A skill, he went on to showcase to the world and all of us admire him, love him for it. His fans, young and old alike will always love him no matter what the accusations were against him. He will remain in our hearts and he will be a legend for us, for all that he gave to the world of music and entertainment. With nearly 4 decades of involvement in music and entertaining, he has spend all his life giving us the best, with no qualms raised to his health and his well-being. He danced, sang and played to his fans.

As he has always remarked in his numerous interviews and talk shows, he missed his childhood very much which explains his later life eccentricity. His wish to behave and remain as a child in a grown-up adult body would eventually put him in dire straits. This instance of a person missing his childhood and trying to cope it up in later life can be recounted in the life of lot of us. We have instances of people who have missed their childhood due to various reasons.

Notable among ’em are

– Parents being too strict.
– Child prodigies who wouldn’t have time for anything else due to commitments.
– Abused child.
 and so on

It definitely takes a lot of introspection and determination to come out of this shell and carve a life for ourselves. It becomes evident that these children tend to stay away from society and socializing groups. They grow up with a strong inferiority complex and unless they come out of this, it is gonna wreck their lives. It does take a lot of self-belief and coaxing to be reformed and view themselves in the same light as others. Each one of us have at some point of time been witness to such troubled souls who crave to be like their friends, but do not get the much needed support from any of their circle acquaintances. They are then doomed to live in their world of fantasy and their make-believe world.

 Very evident that MJ was one from these troubled and tormented souls. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

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