Dedication to Michael Jackson – A tribute

This is a poem dedicated to the King of Pop – Michael Jackson. His songs brought the world closer no matter which country, which class, creed you belong to.


To MJ, A tribute.

You came into this world, our loving MICHAEL
and reached in the world of music, the PINNACLE
You, we love as “The King of POP”
Without you, the music world is a Full STOP.

Your songs ‘n’ dance to millions, CAPTIVATED
and to equally millions, your videos, MOTIVATED
To learn and pick the dance style that’s UNIQUE
To us, you are our own and truely UNIQUE

Every song of yours, on our LIPS
Every move of yours, on our HIPS
We’re as you, Eccentric ‘n’ CRAZY
and on seeing you, get into a FRENZY

Michael, Your death, to us, is a big LOSS
The music world without you, has lost its GLOSS
You will, in our hearts, remain FOREVER
and all the world, a genius, will REMEMBER.

Finally, a memorial befitting, for the KING OF POP
To mark his last journey with APLOMP,
Millions of his fans, yearning for their idol
But now he wouldn’t play for ‘em, at all.

Family, Friends, Acquaintances  ‘n’ fans of the KING
For him, their hearts, laden with sadness, CRYING,
To let out their grief and SORROW
They know, he will not be there, TOMORROW.

The pain ‘n’ solitude, alone he BORE
To not let his world, go SOUR,
he knew, his fans love him to sing ‘n’ DANCE
And he did just that, whenever he had the CHANCE.

Michael, Thou’ tomorrow will not be HERE
To give us songs that we could HEAR,
Your going away, has been HEART-BREAKING
For us, thou’ will always be our loving KING.


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