Creating an Effective Test Case Format

Creating an effective test case format

Time and again, the testing folks have to go about creating a test case set for the project at hand. As we are all aware that the test cases can be generalized with some basic fields.


The mandatory fields are

–          Test Case Title (It is best indicated to have a title which clearly indicates the functionality of the product under test).

–          Test Case Version (when you have multiple enhancements/ changes in the product and thereby the test case too).

Other fields include

–          Step No/ Ref. No.

  • Sequence No. is used for indicating the number of test steps within the test case).

–          Action/ Test Step/ Test Description

  • The actual action to be undertaken in order to test the application/ product.

–          Expected Result

  • Should clearly indicate the result which is expected as the normal behavior of the application/ product for the given action.

–          Actual Result

  • It indicates the result which the tester actually gets on execution of the test step.

–          Result (Pass/Fail)

  • Indicates whether the Test Step/ Action is PASSED or FAILED.

–          Defect ID

  • To indicate the defect IDs/ Bug IDs if the expected and actual results do not match. The defect ID is the ID you obtain on logging the defects to a defect tracking application or simply a number which you have assigned in a manual system.

–          Remarks

  • To highlight certain remarks which may be of relevance to anybody who refers to the test cases.


Let’s see an effective format which you may use in order to write test cases.

We will have three sheets to deal with a particular test case document.

–          Sheet 1 is the cover page

–          Sheet 2 is the Test Summary sheet

–          Sheet 3 is the Test Case Details sheet

The format is dealt with below. Make utmost use of it and you can modify it as per your requirements. Happy Planning, Testing and Analysis will automatically fall in place.

 Sheet 1 – Cover Page

Test Case Cover Page
Test Case Cover Page

Sheet 2 – Test Case Summary

Test Case Summary Sheet
Test Case Summary Sheet

Sheet 3 – Test Case Details


Test Case Details Sheet
Test Case Details Sheet

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    1. Abhilash,

      Thanks for checking out my site and your kind comment! I just realized I had a typo in my earlier comment above… it should have read “to identify as many defects as possible in as few TESTS as possible.”

      – Justin


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