Michael Jackson’s “This is it”.

This is it“. The much wanted movie for Michael Jackson fans. I finally saw it on November 7, 2009. It held me spellbound. Amazing is what I can say. It has been filmed by the few set of cameras during the period from March to the day until his demise and gives insights into the human nature of the King of Pop.

I could not hold back my tears when I saw Michael Jackson on the screen, larger than life and a demi-god to me. He is really the King of Pop and there is nobody who can touch him for centuries together. Every hit song that he rehearsed with his dance group brings to life the amazing, magical moments of Michael. It unwinds in front of you and you cannot stop moving your feet either and your body sways and jerks et al.

His human nature and his soft interior is what is evident throughout. Notable among these are his motivational talks with his dancers, with his guitarist and his directors. He is so humane that you really feel like reaching out and being there with him. Even at the age of 50 the mobility and dexterity of his dance moves were evident. His voice was refreshing and the quick shift from his soft soprano to the high pitched voice was really amazing. No words can describe his talent.

I came back from the theatre with the feeling that I want to see this magic unfold again in front of my eyes. “This is it”. This is the best.


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