The lost soul

This poem speaks about the obstacles, unknown facets of war when the soldiers are away on a foreign land and fighting the enemy. All this because their leaders willed them to. They have no enemies but are fighting a non-existent enemy.

The lost soul

In land unknown, the soldier, lots of ’em, come
to get to task, and t’is new for some;
Motivated ‘n’ high, to complete a task, clean and fast
and for some, to keep, in memory a thing of the past;

From their leaders, their first command, when they took
with courage and faith, they in attention, stood;
Off they went, confident ‘n’ cavorting, to their target
And in their heads with vision, their mission to be done, perfect;

Their work, they thought, easy and fast
crashed to ground, their hopes, which they had, a few moments past;
Friends, old ‘n’ new, one by one, they lost
before they had come, to this hell, send by their command post;

To ’em, it was a loss great, with every life ‘n’ relation
and came the feeling worse, when hard, it hit their realization;
Lives, they lost and lives, they took
and their belief, to the root, it shook;

The war, which they had thought, clean ‘n’ fast
A distant reality, it is now, of the past;
All soul ‘n’ heart, at home to be, yearn
T’is time, a lesson, our leaders learn;


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