Virtual love

This poem talks about the world of virtuality, with internet, web making a big impact in the life of youngsters.

Virtual Love

O men ‘n’ women, Of love, you have heard and read
where the emotions, in your heart, you dread;
’cause in life, the passion, it whips
and your soul, to the bare, it strips;

In this yonder world of tech-savvy
In love, you will find a bevy;
Of love options, that is really virtual
For some, t’is a relationship, cordial;

Thou’, fine search, of opposite sex, a person
whom you see, a fellow-being of reason;
Mails ‘n’ chats, finally leading to marriage certain
For they have hit the carriage return;

T’is is called love, Virtual love
That’s fetched ’em, unique love;
From lots of garbage ‘n’ duplicates
To go ahead and plan a family of replicates;


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