Selenium Pattern Matching using Regular expressions

Selenium Pattern Matching using Regular expressions


Selenium Regular Expression patterns are the most frequenty used and the most useful.

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Selenium – Pattern Matching through globs i.e. globbing

Selenium Pattern Matching using globs

Patterns, the magic input typically in querying scenarios. These are the basis on which querying can be made simple and yet powerful. In order to verify text contents of websites, it is equally important to verify these through matching patterns. Continue reading “Selenium – Pattern Matching through globs i.e. globbing”

Employee Retention : How best to do it?

Employee Retention :

Attrition : A dreaded word for a manager who cherishes their relationship with their employees. Let’s take a peek into little techniques practiced by managers to retain their best employees.

Attrition happens when the employee feels that “The grass is greener on the other side”. So what should the manager do? The first thing is to make this side greener. Continue reading “Employee Retention : How best to do it?”

Running a Selenium RC test using C#

Running a Selenium RC test using C#

What is Selenium RC?