Employee Retention : How best to do it?

Employee Retention :

Attrition : A dreaded word for a manager who cherishes their relationship with their employees. Let’s take a peek into little techniques practiced by managers to retain their best employees.

Attrition happens when the employee feels that “The grass is greener on the other side”. So what should the manager do? The first thing is to make this side greener.

Making the side greener can be achieved by the right compensation. The right compensation includes (a) Cash, since some really need it (b) Other factors, by listening to their subtle hints when they do not have their heart in their workplace.

Here are some techniques to keep this side greener and ensure that the employee is content.

1. Create work opportunities and Keep them engaged. During the slack time, consider ways to provide the opportunity to the employee to develop their skills which are relevant to their area of work.

2. Appreciate a good job done!!! Recognize that the employee has put their best in a particular job and appreciate them. An appreciative manager changes the way the employee think and work. An appreciation goes a long way to stablize the relationship between the manager and the employee and make it effective and productive.

3. See, Listen and react to your employees changing needs. A manager should learn to recognize the employees changing needs and show sensitivity. It goes a long way to build trust, loyalty and stability to their lives, which in turn results in focussed activity from the employee.

4. Like the saying in the Harry potter movie “The wand selects its master“. It holds true for managers too. A manager should be proactive and drive the employees to reach greater heights and achieve realistic targets. A team thrives under a great leader.

5. Use the opportunity for performance appraisals to reward and compliment high performers and inspire them to do more.

6. Create the best possible environment for your employees. They will perform their best in such an environment and will be passionate about what they do.

7. Build a trustworthy relationship with your employees. The soldiers work hard and are happy when their commanders trust them. An employees keeps their eyes and ears open on the happenings around. This in turn, reflects in their heart the trust they maintain with a manager. An employee always trusts a good manager.

8. Maintain your productive field. When you reap the best seeds, there are bound to be weeds amongst them. Remove the poor performers since they stifle the good environment benefits and high performance of their colleagues.

Summary : Keep your high performing employees happy. This will go a long way to ensure productivity and profit.

Author: Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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