The life of a Software Engineer

The life of a Software Engineer

India for more than two decades has seen an altogether different niche class of society springing up. Well! They are the Geeks.

What begun as a trickle has eventually become a huge force to reckon with. We had (S)pecial (E)conomic (Z)ones coming up to cater to this industry and it seems that the facilities provided by these economic zones are finally being marginalized. There were scores of youngsters who ventured into this field to make a mark and were looked upon as zombies; for they were always in a world of their own. Hey!!! It includes me too.

When we began way back in the late 80’s, we did not have teachers/ professors to guide us. Basically it all came down to being self-taught and making a niche in the wide market. As days progressed, we realized it is an altogether world, full of deadlines, pressures, stress, defects, lines-of-code, reviews, and so many. We stopped count the tags associated with our field. Since India was emerging as a hot spot for providing solutions and cheap resources; we had no other choice than to meek down to the rather autocratic ways of the organizations. We were ruled with an iron hand. Our freedom was curtailed. Our world now consisted only of the 1’s and 0’s and the ways to make meaningful output from these 1’s and 0’s.  To make these 1’s and 0’s work and sound productive, we as solution providers, programmers, testers were always supposed to be in the 1 state, always ON, always ready on the go to address any issues, any deviations, any deadlines.

Our world was though shrunk through the means of electronic media, but our real world was reduced to just the a couple of square feet of space for our buttocks to entrench firmly so that we can get our acts together. In the eyes of the world, our friends, our parents, our siblings, we were the ultimate knowledge sources since we had the solution to everything at the tip of our fingers. We made life easy for them, with websites catering to banking, social networking and so on and so forth. Have they ever thought about us? Have they ever thought about the difficulties we encounter to make their world easy and accessible? Have they thought about the hardships faced? Have they ever thought about our health?

Nobody ever thought about it. We suffered and we did not realize. We lost hairs, lost our beautiful bodies to the endless sitting. We lost our health. We lost our freedom of speech. We lost our freedom to sleep. We lost our freedom to privacy. We lost our relationships. We lost everything.

What did we get in return? Nothing. The money we gained cannot the least bit compensate for the losses we made.

Nowadays, each one of us have been afflicted by stress problems, memory retention problems,  relationship issues. Our world has been reduced to just 1’s and 0’s. We haven’t thought of what lies in store between the 1 and the 0. It is a huge world in between we have lost, we lost without exploring and we paid a huge price in bargain.

I dunno, if my fellow zombies agree to this. These are entirely mine and my inner circle of friends views. We wish, we could find more of your support highlighting our problems and not let the world take us for granted.

Author: Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

2 thoughts on “The life of a Software Engineer”

  1. Yes… I too totally agree with the fact given in the article.Especially the point that ,money cant buy lost relationship, is an unavoidable.


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