My Protein balls (Mutta)


Friday, Feb.24, 2012.

Another hilarious moment to hit me this morning. As usual, I parked my car in the parking lot of Athulya. Nowadays I get a parking slot because I come early. With my afternoon shift it is a horrible and difficult task of finding a place to park the car. My daily work task pales in comparison to this task of finding a place for my vehicle. The task done is half my days worth. I made my way to the IRCTC canteen for my quota of eggs after a HIT session in the Gym. (Here HIT stands for High Intensity Training).

The moment I enter the IRCTC canteen and the counter lady sees me, her next reflex is to enter the order of 11 eggs for me. She gives me a big smile and asks me “11 boiled eggs. Alle?”. I reply back “Athe”.

I took the coupon, went up to the service lady and ask her as usual to put 5 eggs for me to have it then and there and the remaining 6 for parcel. She gave me the eggs which is my protein lifeline. I found a suitable place and set about my task of loading myself with my egg whites (i.e. approximately 30 grams of pure proteins). Everyday I notice curious eyes following me when I take up my eggs. They might be thinking “Thank God, I am not the one to eat that”. They would shudder with despair on gulping down the egg whites with no taste or no assortment to give them any edible flavour.

After my protein load, I approached the service counter for my remaining 6 eggs parcel. The lady saw me and remarked out aloud “Saare, Saar mutta iduthille? Ayyo, ividethe parcel aara kondu poyathe?”. Just then the supervisor came there and she said “Saarinde MUTTA aara kondu poyyi. Ipol entha cheya?”. He replied “Vere kodukku. Kondu poyye aal thirichu varum. Kuzhapum ella.”.

Yes, I did get my remaining 6 eggs but I was thinking about the person who took the eggs-only parcel. On opening the parcel, he/ she would realise “how on earth did I get this parcel? Did the service lady make a mistake?” Nobody in their wildest dreams would have thought that they would have to eat the boiled eggs. I dunno who has taken it but my mind is really wild with imagination on the possibility of a guy or gal who has become the desperate recipient of my protein balls. I can imagine them coming back to IRCTC, their minds running amock thinking if they could get their original parcel. Let them face the moment.

Luckily I did not order for a full parcel of 15 eggs. The guy/ gal would have conked off with the color on their faces taking on the color of the boiled eggs.
Did I hear them say “Boiled eggs are a drab….”. Well, for me it is my lifeline.

Only the worthy would understand.


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