Goal 2012, Infopark Football extravaganza – Our First Match – Apr.01, 2012

Goal 2012, Infopark Football extravaganza – Our First Match


A new dawn in the history of Olive IT. It is the first time we are participating in a sports event with a representation from Olive IT. Yes, I am talking about the Goal-12, a football event organized by UST. It is also the first time that companies in the Infopark, Kochi have ventured out to have a sports event of this magnitude.

Our thanks to the Management and the sporty attitude of the Olive IT-ians who immediately put together a team for this event. Special thanks to Jay for sponsoring the Team jersey.


It was a good day to begin. I made my way to the CUSAT ground (the venue of the match) by 6:47 AM and Vinod was already there a few minutes earlier. We had a few minutes more since the gates were locked and it took some time for the security guard to come and open the gates for us. We waited for our team to arrive and as planned, most of us were ready on the ground by 7 AM. With a little warm-up and a few kicks to rock our butts off on a cool summer morning; we kick started our day. It was a pleasant surprise when the fairer sex came together in numbers to support the team. We were also startled by the presence of our COO.


The match began on time and our core team focused on the task ahead. Yes, the MEN IN BLACK were finally raring to go and get the job done. With whatever practice we had, we pushed ourselves. The match began and it was heartening to see the team playing really well and coming together. In the first half we did let in a goal due to a simple defensive lapse, but that actually motivated us to pick up our game in the second half and yes, guys, you did exceptionally well. It is the first time in this tournament that a team has equalized after being down by 1-0. In fact, Vinod and me have been seeing all the matches till then and we found that the team lagging behind with a goal, were demoralized and did not push for the equalizer. Our passes were finding their target and co-ordination is getting better. A few more practice sessions and we will really be better tuned for precision play. Yes, motivate ourselves to do the best every time we get on to the ground.


My kisses to you, team for the splendid job to push and go for the equalizer and we really picked up our game. A special kiss to Rakesh (who found the net for the equalizer), Raj and Tinu to get going together and press for the equalizer. Great work by our medio Hari and the defence Deepu and Jobin. A special mention to Anoop bhai. He stands a great chance for winning the best goalie trophy if he does not let in any more goals. Anoop Bhai, are you listening?


Keep it up!!! Team.


Kudos for a well deserved draw and yeah!!! a fighting draw.


The next game falls on the 22nd of this month, and we gotta win this.


Olive IT-ians have always been known for their team-work. This is team-work of a different kind and we gotta make a name here too. C’mon Olive IT-ians. We can do it.


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