Corporate Football League – Olive IT Match vs Chayowo Games – Apr.19, 2012

Corporate Football League – Olive IT Match vs Chayowo Games – Apr.19, 2012

Thursday, Apr.19, 2012.

NSports is organizing a Corporate League as part of sevens premier league where corporate teams will participate and compete to showcase their football skills. Olive IT participated  in the first ever Corporate Sevens League with our first match on Thursday, Apr.19, 2012. We played against “Chayowo Games”.

The team was upbeat for the match. We had our match scheduled second after the first match between “Cognizant” and “Wipro”. The match was even at 1-1 until the final whistle. They went into the penalty shootout and Cognizant won the first match with a toss even after the scores at level in the penalty shootout.

By the time we had already got into our playing gear and were already on the ground when the penalty shootout was underway. It was a wonderful feeling for the team since the match was to be played on grass and under the floodlight. It was an altogether exhilarating and different experience for the team. Do ask Raj, Rakesh, Prince, Anoop, Jobin, Deepu and Tinu; how it felt. They will surely agree with me.

The match started on a very positive note. We had a goal against our opponents within the first 3 minutes through a tap by Tinu into the opponents net. We went on to dominate for nearly 70-75% of the game. Leading with a goal at 1-0 made us a bit complacent and the zeal to  get ahead on a  2-0 margin was found wanting. This proved costly because in football, it is anybody’s game until the last second. This is what happened and we conceded a self goal in the last 46 seconds of the game.

With the score level at 1-1, the game went into the penalty shootout and we lost the game 3-1. It is sad, but that is what games are all about. This day, we end up on the losing side and with it all hopes to make any progress in the Corporate Football League has gone down the drain.

Do not despair. Let’s see this failure as a stepping stone to future success. There is a lot to learn from this loss and we need to make amendments and come back into the reckoning. We have the  Goal’12 tournament match on Sunday and we can fire ourselves back with a win this sunday.

C’mon Guys!!! A lot to go. Take heart in the fact that it has only been a month and half since we got together and made a team and there are a lot of hurdles to cross before we become a known entity in the world of Corporate football. Hey!!! Do you want your sights only to the horizon known as “Corporate Football”. I guess that Raj and Rakesh has other plans and they intend to find ourselves a name in the history of Kerala Football.

So cheer up!!! and let’s face the game we have at hand on Sunday, Apr.22, 2012 against ACS.


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