Goal’12 – Our second league match against ACS – Apr.22, 2012

Goal’12 – Our second league match against ACS – Apr.22, 2012

Sunday, Apr.22, 2012

Today, we had our second match in Goal’12 against ACS. A match we were looking forward to after the luckless loss at the Corporate Sevens League on Thursday. Our team was looking forward to a match with the motto “Do or Die”. In Raj and Rakesh words, “Chataal kuzhapum ella, namal jaykenam….”. It was sounded very clear to the team by Raj and Rakesh.

The team had touched base at CUSAT ground 1 hour before the game and warmed up with caution, lest something happen to our star players. We were upbeat and motivated to just go for a win; no matter what happens.

The earlier match played between IBS and Fragomen went IBS’s way with a 1-0 margin. We needed a win here in this match, since the last match was a draw against Visual IQ. The players were motivated and raring to go.

The match begun with a bang with Tinu trying for the first shot at the goal within the first minute. As the match progressed, the motivation and support was getting more vociferous and reaching a peak. No doubt, we had our cheers coming from our Olive IT supports. Yes, today too the fairer sex was in large numbers to get going and provided the thrills outside the play court. We also had Jay and Shibu Sir making their presence felt in the support team. Thanks…. A hearty thanks to all those who made Olive IT games very special, because of the noise and the thunderous claps that motivated the team to keep going. I guess, we missed this support on the first match of the Corporate League match. Whadya say, Raj, Rakesh and Anoop…. If we had this support we could have moved 2-0 in our Corporate league match and the self goal towards the end would not have made matters worse as that day. Well….bygones are bygones…

Today, the support team were in their elements and YESSSSSSSSS… This is the kind of support we are looking forward to in the remaining matches. Thanks and kisses once again to all of you.

The match progressed with Olive IT team making some misses at the goal. Often it was away from the target by a very small margin, but it did keep the pressure on the opposing team. With 4 minutes to go for the half time whistle, we earned a throw very near to the opponents goal. Raj took a brilliant throw into the melee in front of the goal. It would either have to be kicked in by any one of us or the opponents would make a mistake and put it into their own goal…. and that is exactly what happened. We earned a goal in the bargain… A goal that would put immense pressure on the opponents and would take us on our path to victory.

We reached half-time with a 1-0 lead. The game resumed after the break and we were constantly putting pressure on the opponents. Kudos to Prince, Jobin and Deepu, never did once we let ACS take advantage of a weak defence. The defence was well-knit today and the results show. Marvelous game by Raj, Tinu and Rakesh to keep going at the opponents goal. Finally, the game we won with the scores at 1-0.

Anoop’s performance was special today. He was just brilliant under the bar and as I remarked earlier… if he never lets in any goal in this tournament and we reach the knockout; he will surely be a front runner for the best goalie award. Today, he pulled off 4 to 5 marvelous saves to keep our fortress intact. A very special hug to Anoop. Keep it up… Anoop bhai.

This will give us a clear 2 points for being the deserving winners.

Special kisses and hugs to the team for the special performance. This should spur us to approach the next game with confidence and also to make a mark in this event.

Monday, in office is gonna be special for the team for more motivational pats and hugs from our colleagues. Keep it up, Boyz…

Once again, special thanks to our supporters who made it to the ground and kept motivating our team. Special thanks also to Hari, Ramya and Vinod, who came to the ground to support our team inspite of leaving our organization. This is what exemplifies the strong connection to Olive IT. We are known specially for this connection.

From my side to all our star players, special kisses Mwaaaaahhh…… a thousand times for a brilliant performance. Now to look forward to the other games and take it one at a time. We strongly believe in ourselves.


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