Onam celebration 2012 at Olive ITS/ Millennium IT

We had a grand onam celebration at Olive ITS/ Millennium this 2012. Here are a few lines highlighting this celebration.

Kudos to each and every one who made it such a smashing success!!!

Our Onam celebration, this year, 2012
Was a event, grand and a success
For years, we gonna remember this year, 2012
’cause, down the drain, we drained off our stresses.

Began the day, with our beautiful Pookalam
with everybody, cutting, laying, and beautifying
it with flowers, in our special paper kalam;
and ultimately, it came out rich and beautifully.

For the day, was set the mood
by the song and musical sounds
of Sanu, Nandini and Maneesh, T’was too good;
and to our ears, were divine sounds.

With the Thiruvathira, by our fairy angels
enjoying their bit and floating with grace
with their minds and soul as one, like heavenly angels
braced us up and for their performance, were full of praise.

The Sadya, we had at Olive Nest
In the traditional way,
gave us a breather, to go ahead with the rest
of the programmes, that would come our way.

Songs by Anju the crooner
put us in a fascinated world
and captivated, we were; and sooner
we were to be treated to another glorious musical world.

Another Anju, we have amongst our midst
gave us a beautiful performance;
of India’s rich dancing traditional gist
with her high bharatanatyam performance.

Sanu and Sreejith, the musicians among us
gave us great musical solo pieces;
left us gaping and gasping for more.
Yeah!! we are proud to have them among us.

Myself and Hali chipped in
with small contributions,
to fill the time in
between these out-of-the-world contributions.

The topping of the celebration
and the flavor of the day
was however the ruckus pockus skit
By Anoop bhai and team, with their laughing riot;
made us laugh and roll, in splits.

Yes, A celebration grand, we sure had
which we’re gonna remember, for years,
this day, and the fun we had
and try to emulate, in the coming years.

Author: Abhilash Gopi

Am a simple guy, loves to see the smiles on my friend's faces. So what are you waiting for? Be my friend, Guys n Gals.

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