Vinod’s first blood donation

Jan.24, 2013

It was a day, me and Vinod will remember throughout our life.

The previous day, our own Anoop Bhai had approached me asking me for my blood group. He wanted to confirm whether I was O+ve. He came stealthily to me and put out his tongue to wet his lips, preparing to ask me this crucial question. He thought maybe I would not agree to donate my blood. It is not his fault, since there are so many of us who are not willing to donate blood.

Anoop bhai comes to me. (holds my hand) “Abhilash ji de blood group entha…O+ve aano?”

Abhilash: Athe… enthu patti. ….

Anoop Bhai: Abhilash ji blood kodukumo… Namude Lidya de dad hospitalil aane. Entho surgery de aavisham aane. Blood venam. Apol njan Vinod num parajnu vechitunde. Abhilash ji ready alle?

Abhilash: Athe…. I am always ready.

Anoop Bhai: Thank you, Abhilash ji. apol njan lidya nodu parajnu vekaam.

Next day, Jan.24, 2014.

Vinod and me had planned to meet in the morning, just immediately after my Gym session. I waited for him at the Kalamassery  junction. We reached the hospital by 11:43 am. We got it touch with a guy who is working with Lidya’s father. We made it to the blood donation section.

It wore a deserted look. There was only one guy who was sitting sombre and rooted to his chair.

The nurse on duty (a young lady of around 22) asked us to fill the necessary forms. We found the forms as a booklet on the table. Since it was a booklet form, we began reading from the upper side of the form that was facing us. The entire form was written in Mayalayam and we needed to read this accurately, to provide the necessary information.

Vinod spend a considerable time trying to read the Mayalayam in broken syllables. He filled up the form and asked me to copy the entries ditto and complete my form. I too completed the form by furnishing my medical and history details.

Once the form was completed, we were asked to wait for some time for the Doctor on duty to arrive. She would do a preliminary test and confirm that we are eligible for blood donation. This meant that we had some time before the Doctor would arrive. It was at this point of time, that it crossed Vinod’s mind to flip and see the other side of the form. To his surprise, he found the form questions replicated in English. He did not speak a word. He showed me the English replica of the form that we recently entered by managing to read the Malayalam questions. Looking at each other, we broke out laughing in a instant. We spend a huge effort trying to decipher the Malayalam questions and here we found that we already had an English replica which would have made our job easier.

After the Doctor’s confirmation, we went in for the blood donation. The male nurse on duty put the needle into my veins to extract my blood. After my donation, it was Vinod’s turn. The male nurse guy tried to pierce through his veins. To his utter dismay, he had a big problem ahead of him. He had found the vein on Vinod’s right hand, but after piercing he found that the diameter of the needle is larger than the diameter of Vinod’s vein. You can guess what happened….

Blood started to flow from all directions around the needle since it had really punctured the vein (pun intended)…..

Male nurse (thinking to himself) : Ithu njan innu aarudeya mukham kandithe. Innu elaam kollam aayillo.

Vinod : (lying on the couch, thinking to himself). Ivar ipol motham kollam aakillo. Ini enthu cheyaana entho aavo? (Nokatte!!!).

The male nurse got alarmed. He did not know what to do… He called his senior to have a look. This lady came and pulled out the needle from Vinod’s right hand and she managed to find a bigger vein on his left hand. Finally they were able to get blood donated by Vinod. (The best part was that it was Vinod’s first attempt at blood donation… and he faced an unreal situation which would not have been faced by anybody else…).

Kudos to Vinod, because inspite of having to have both his hands punctured he made his first blood donation. I have seen many instance where guys have made a huge fuss when they make the blood donation.

Thank you Vinod for these hilarious moments.


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