A tribute (a poem dedicated to September 11 affected)

This is one poem I wrote as a tribute to the September, 11 victims and a crime against mankind. I found this poem which I had written long back. Feels nice to get it back.

A tribute

A morning day, cool and pleasant
Like any other day, to begin and transcend;
You ‘n’ Me, of the danger, unaware
this day, to be the most horrific and bare;
Diverted to WTC, with hijacked wings
Where business in America, took to wings,
Twas, was where the ground would singe;
When the first strike came
For the terrorists, played well, their game,
Plans executed, bringing grief and shame;
Lives lost, of near ‘n’ dear
A grief, so overwhelming, difficult to bear,
The world over, stood in disbelief and fear;
A crime committed, against the human race
Saddest, because committed by the human race,
Where religion won, bringing man disgrace
Man, crying ‘n’ anguished, with sorrow
To this, will not bow, today and tomorrow,
Will win with LOVE to create a better tomorrow;


One thought on “A tribute (a poem dedicated to September 11 affected)”

  1. This poem was adjudged as one of the top 100 poems in the world as a tribute to the victims of the September 11 attacks. Nice to have it back here in my arsenal. Thank you.


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