Goal’14 – Corporate Football League – Our first game as PayCommerce

Saturday, April.06, 2014

The cycle goes back full circle to the day, yet another Saturday. The date was April.28, 2012. This Saturday too, we lost the match against a tough opponent EXL-OPI. Today, we lost to a bigger opponent, Cognizant.

Yes, I am talking about the Goal’14, the UST organized Football extravaganza for the Corporate staff…

We went into the match as “Pay Commerce” and it was the first match as Pay Commerce. It was sure a good way to let know that Olive IT services has changed to “Pay Commerce”. As usual, it was Raj who took the initiative and ensured that we take part in the Goal’14 tournament. With his heart in the game as he is an ardent gunner fan (He vouches for and supports only “Arsenel” in the English Premier League). His interest in the game paved the way for our team playing in Goal’14.

Our match was scheduled at 4:00 PM and sure we were on the ground with a new team, the only exceptional common feature being Raj on the grounds with a new outlook team. Our old team has disintegrated, with a few of our big players making their way to EY and other notable big names after the transfer season. Don’t mistake this with the Football league player transfers. It sure is a transfer but with higher stakes and career in focus for the much sought after company after a job-hop.

In fact, Raj had a tough time trying to find out players to play in this league. Raj, Don’t despair. One day, you will be standing on the podium out there with your proud team.

On our first match, this Saturday; we were up against CTS who had an array of players who could have played a full 11 players match within themselves. They had 22 people in their team and we were struggling to find people to play for our team. With the projects and organizational commitments, Raj was the lone rider trying to put up a team and he finally did it with 8 to 9 gallant soldiers. Here is the list of the final soldiers who went to battle on the Municipal grounds today.

Raj – Captain, Jagadeesh (our New GoalKeeper), Jobin Samuel, Sibin , Ananthu, Arun Puthanveetil, Arun Puthussery, Pramod K M, Arun H, Bill George, Faisal Ismail. Kudos to you, Guys to be there and make our presence. Though the match did not go our way and we were already 3-0 down at the half-time and went on to lose 6-0 by full time; we reach out to our team and appreciate that they played well within their capacity.

We have a age old saying that “Rome was not built in a day”. It takes blood, toil, tears and sweat to rise to the top.

Despair not, for with practice, inspiration and effort; we will one day be on the winning side and as I remarked “Raj, you will be proud to be there on the podium one day with your team…”.

I will wait for that day and will continue writing my match report; no matter we win or lose. I will be waiting for the D-day when we win and proudly say to others “We won the cup…PayCommerce won the cup”.

Hey!!! Guys. Cheer up…


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