Brasil World Cup 2014 – Kickoff at PayCommerce

Brasil World Cup 2014 – Kickoff at PayCommerce

Go Go Go Go Gol…..

The synchronous chant from the crazy fans reverberate the air heavy with excitement and fanatism. Yes, It is a moment in the craziest, fanatical, exciting game ever, Football aka Soccer. The Brasil World Cup 2014 fever is catching fast and taking everybody off their feet. Nothing can stop the excitement which is here to stay for a breathtaking month and the tremors will stay with us for a long time.

Our organization, PayCommerce ( is not left far behind and with football crazy guys ‘n’ gals; we found it right to organize an event. The event “World Cup Kickoff” was declared by our HR on Jun.12, 2014.

A great moment to savor for us, since we are all the time on our seats working, working, working towards project deliveries and satisfying our clients. The word caught on by the time the email was released by Raj. Spontaneous thoughts ran through our being, to lunge out of our chairs and kick the ball. Yes, Kick the ball with all our might, venting out to our frustrations, our excitement, to be free once again and enjoy this beautiful game.

The event was actually kicked off (pun intended) by Jomon Sir that eventually rolled over the cup of excitement for us. None of us could hide our smile, our happiness. When the moment arrived, the space between the seating bay was converted into a mini penalty area, complete with a small goal post hastily and beautiful conceived by Hali (our crazy ideas man). Slowly and surely the rules began to emerge and everybody was eager to have a go at it. Our staunch work-crazy Tech-Lead Jay also could not hold back his excitement.

The event rolled on and on, bringing out the footballers in the most reserved colleagues. Guys ‘n’ Gals, came forward to kick and feel the ball roll into the mini net.

Finally emerged the winners, Dersana Jose among the Angels and Rahul T. R among the Greek Gods.



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