PayCommerce Team Name and Logo face-off

PayCommerce Team Name and Logo face-off

The day, Tuesday.
The date, Jul.08, 2014
The time, 03:30 PM IST

The entire office was waiting for the results to be out. Yes, the results for the Team Name and Logo face-off competition.

Everybody waiting with anticipation, nervousness, except for 28 cool nerds (who were already declared runners-up in this event).

Tick-tock, tick-tock. went the seconds hand of the wrist watches towards the last few seconds…Seemed like hours for these folks with their watches.

Some glancing at their mobile phones/ smart phones to show the time tick away and show 03:30 PM…

A few glancing towards the right bottom corner of the laptop monitors (at the clock)…

All waiting for the time to show 03:30 PM IST, and yes I did say, except for 28 cool guys n gals out there. Most noticeable among the blown out fuses, I would say was Raj himself. He was pacing frantically across all the bays, and you know how he looks when he is tensed. His back rigid and his lips curled and lopsided to the left, going about his chores in a harried manner.

Fifteen minutes from the D-time, he went into hibernation.

No noise and comments from Raj could be heard.

Finally came the email, from Vana, our HR Manager.

Dear All

Its TIME, you all have been waiting for…

It was a great job done all the 5 teams. We look forward for more Fun & Games for all the employees.

The Winner of the Best Name & Logo goes to……

Out came Raj from his hideout, an uncontrolled smile, pride beaming across his face. Most of us are reading the email, but were interrupted by Raj’s high pitched Kochi slang “Atlast, Nanjgal aane winners… Oh oru veliye tension maari kitti…”.

Then you know what happens. Right?

Animated discussions and arguments to showcase their triumph in the first ever competition of the team members. Amongst the winning faces, a few sad faces showing their disappointment in not making it.

I want to sing the lines from “Don’t worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

Don’t worry, My Friends. We win some, we lose some; but the most important part is that we are all part of it and we should be proud of being competitive and encouraging to the others; and we all competed constructively. Way to go, Friends. The encouraging fact was that we all came up with different ideas and thoughts to jostle along a path of good competitiveness.

We all did our best. We took a bit of time to come together, discuss and come up with the winning Team Names and Logo.

Kudos to all the teams…

Everybody’s done an excellent job.

Special wishes and prayers for the teams to do well in the forthcoming competitions.

Thank you, Team ThunderBolt, Team Arduino, Team Daemons of PC, Team PayCom Pirates and Team Hackers.

Thanks to the Captains of the team (Team ThunderBolt – Hali, Team Arduino – Bhaskar, Team Deamons of PC – Radha, Team PayCom Pirates – Dersana and Team Hackers – Ashley) and the people at the backend working towards the logos. Special thanks to you all.

We now know, we have talented people amongst us. Thank you once again. Hoping to see the best still to come in the months ahead.

Arduino Thunderbolt  Daemons-new PayCom PiratesHACKERS


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