PayCommerce Carrom’s League (Aug.04, 2014 to Aug.13, 2014)

PayCommerce Carrom’s League (Aug.04, 2014 to Aug.13, 2014)

We at PayCommerce played an event with a different perspective. No longer commitments to Clients on this event. No plan, No stress, No tension, that’s what we did. It was a game on an altogether different plane. A flat plane where the Black and White coins skid along and satisfies the Laws of Motion, Laws of Inertia.

Yes, the PayCommerce Carrom’s League went along and became a hit. The 5 tech teams presented their finest players, the remaining standing alongside pushing, prodding and motivating their star players.

Most of us are playing carroms for the first time, but that did not deter anyone of us to try out new hits, shots. Shots and strikes were invented, defying gravity and performing spectacular acrobatics.

The matches from Aug.4, 2014 to Aug.13, 2014 were played with much enthusiasm and zeal. Each match bettering the previous one in surprises and innovation. Finally the star players were announced.

Team Daemons made it to the top spot in the women’s section and Team ThunderBolt made it to the top in the men’s section.

The results stood as such.

1.  Thunderbolt
2.  Daemons
3.  Pirates

1.  Daemons
2.  Arduino
3.  Hackers

It was an action packed period from 4 to 13. Special adorations and idolization arose. Smiles spread across faces to pave the way for more better interaction and familarization.

Kudos to all the players and the spectators alike. PayCommerce Carrom’s League was a sure hit.


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