PayCommerce stint at Futsal (The Football extravaganza)

PayCommerce stint at Futsal (The Football extravaganza)

Saturday, Nov.15, 2014

With the ISL packing strength with every match, the fans are growing day by day. We are seeing some world class players in the fray and this has motivated a whole lot to reach back to one of the oldest game in the world. Man has from ages known one thing i.e. to kick. Yes, It all began with a kick to the butt, but now we kick a figurative form of the butt; hmmmm a football.

Raj, is one of the famous exponent of this sport in our office. He ensured that he got the guys to play. He reached out to the younger guys and they were more than willing to play. With quick hand picking, Raj made the PayCommerce team. The team stands under.

– Raj C R (Our Captain and Forward)
– Jagdeesh P S (Our seasoned toughnut Goalkeeper)
– Sandeep Menon (Forward)
– George Nelson (Forward)
– Rahul Ramanan (Defence)
– Shyam Prasad (Defence)
– Arun Hareesh (Defence)
– Sachin Athadi (Medio)

PayCommerce Football Team
PayCommerce Football Team

PayCommerce had enrolled and registered to play in one of the competitive football tournaments called “Futsal”. It is a 5-a-side game It is a 5-a-side game conducted at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor stadium complex at Kadavanthara.. With 32 teams all over Kochi in the midst of things, it sure was gonna be a tough outing.

The day, Saturday, Nov.15, 2014; the team was set to play for the day. In all, we had 6 matches to play on the single day. The opening match of the day saw us taking on “Muthoot Papachan” group (incidently one of the sponsors of the “Kerala Blasters” team). PayCommerce began with a bang and we got our boys moving around, warming up for the tough day ahead with a 1-0 win. In the second match of the day, we were pitted against “Mobe TeleCom” and we baulked them 4-0. It sure was a great motivation to the team. The third match saw us taking a reverse against “UAE Exchange” and we lost the game 1-2. Never mind, we had still a match to go in the playoffs. In the next match, we played against “Force 10” and we won 4-1. With 3 wins and 1 loss in the group, we went on to play our 1st QuarterFinals against “Claysys”.We ran them down and won 3-1 on the trot. With a great win in the QuarterFinals we cruised through to the SemiFinals. We met a formidable match in the team “Green Ventures”. We lost the match 1-2

Fantastic show by our Team
Fantastic show by our Team
In the midst of the action
In the midst of the action






For a quick view of our Futsal campaign

Beat Muthoot Papachan (1-0)
Beat Mobe Telecom (4-0)
Lost to UAE Exchange (1-2)
Beat Force 10 (4-1)
1st Quarters – Beat Claysys (3-1)
Semis – Lost to Green Ventures (1-2)

Kudos to our PayCommerce Football team, for we have done well and amongst the 32 teams we placed ourselves with pride in the top 3.


Our proud boyz
Our proud boyz

Looking forward to the next edition of Futsal, and we will do better.


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