Goal 2015 – Match Update (PayCommerce with Zerone Consulting)

Goal 2015 – Match Update (PayCommerce with Zerone Consulting)

Saturday, Mar.28, 2015

Hey Folks!!! We are back with this year’s Goal-2015 edition. With mixed success last year and surely with superlative performances in patches; this year we are back with more firepower and more conviction.

The team as usual has been set by Raj, who has managed to build a team with an average age of 23. With youngsters who have the zing in ’em to get going, it has been smooth sailing until now. I managed to get some time to see the team play their game. With my interest in the game, I made it to the Corporation stadium at Kakkanad by 2:53 and found no one in sight. I found the opposite team in their football gear all set to take on PayCommerce team. I called up Jagadeesh, our peerless Goalie and found that the team will be on the ground within 20 to 25 minutes. It was a hot, extremely hot afternoon. I waited in the shade of the Shamiaana and waited for the great players to turn up. Came Raj with his entourage and within minutes the remaining set of players followed. By 3:30 PM, the team was set to take on the opposition.

To our dismay, we found only 6 players on the ground by 3:20 PM. Arun and Rahul had still not arrived and with the afternoon heat at its full glory; the question prime in our minds was “Who will we substitute if the need arises”. In football lingo, this translates to “Who will roll?”. With the 7th and 8th players not in sight, the joke doing the round was “Ok Guys, we will roll ourselves on the ground”. It led to the last minute desperate calls to Arun and Rahul, who convinced us that they are on the way. Within minutes, both of them made it to the ground and dressed up to stand with our team for the opening team introduction.

Here’s our team

  • Raj
  • Jagadeesh – Goal Keeper
  • Sandeep – Forward
  • George – MidField
  • Rahul – MidField
  • Sachin – Defense
  • Shyam – Defense
  • Arun – Defense

PayCommerce Team - 2015

We had a few players in our team, whereas the opposition had players that could make up two teams with extras. With our team in their bright jersey, though few we stood out among the sparse crowd. The few diehard spectators who turned up wondered on the count. The opposition had a lot of players in their maroon jersey and we had just 8 with our bright greenish yellow PayCommerce jersey. They had the bench strength, but we had the gutsy strength. Within minutes we had the game get going. The first half turned out to be a dull affair with no goals coming forth. With 10-15 minutes of play in the searing heat, was taking the toll on both sides. Lips parched, stamina taking a huge dip, no amount of fluids intake seemed to be working wonders. With a few minutes of rest, the second half got underway. Midway through the second half, we had a breakthrough with a goal setting sail from our team and denting the net (pun intended. for we also dented their confidence to get back into the game). With a few minutes left to go for the end of the game, we soon realized that we had marooned the maroon jerseys in this game. Hip Hip Hurray!!! 3 cheers to the team for the confidence boosting win.

With a 1-0 win on this afternoon, we were through to play the second game coming our way on Sunday against Kreata Global. It was a win, we were all looking forward to; for this win would elevate the confidence of the team going into the other matches and striding towards the qualifiers. Touch wood and keeping our fingers crossed, we hope we will make a name for PayCommerce in this edition of Goal-2015.

The final score
PayCommerce – 1
Zerone Consulting – 0


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