PayCommerce loss to NeST – Goal’15

Saturday, Apr.11, 2015

PayCommerce loss to NeST – Goal’15

With the heat catching up in Goal’15 (the InfoPark football extravaganza), PayCommerce had a crucial match against NeST coming into the League games. A match we could not afford to lose. I made it to the ground for the match and the PayCommerce team was just getting into the mode for playing. The team readied up and had a few stint with the ball.

The call was given for the game to begin by the referees. One thing I could sense was that something was amiss. The enthusiasm to get going and be there in the game today. However the team lined up for the initial introduction. The game began with the usual customary run-ins and shots at the goal. The first half turned out to be a dull 0-0 affair. Not to mention a brilliant save affected by our Goalie Jagadeesh by diving to his right and warding off a sure goal.

The second half got going and within 12 minutes, NeST came up with a goal that beat our Jagadeesh. As I indicated, the team was already in half play mode, and the goal against them did not auger well. Within a space of 6 minutes, NeST came up with another brilliant field goal to make it 2-0.

We tried to get past their defense but to no avail. We ended up losing 2-0 to NeST. Don’t worry Team, better luck next time.



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