PayCommerce brilliant against VI Point Solutions – Goal’15

Saturday, Apr. 25, 2015

PayCommerce brilliant against VI Point Solutions – Goal’15
With already a loss in the first league game for us in Goal’15; we came back with a never before seen energy and motivation. We had to win this game by a margin of atleast 4-0 to make it to the top of the league. The team was in spirits and looking forward to the match. Though a scoreline of 4-0 looks unrealistic, we were hoping for this margin. On the D-day, we had our opponents as VI Point Solutions.

When the match began, it was heartening to see the team co-ordinating well and pulling it the right shots and the right passes. Our team was playing outstanding football and we found ourselves at the cynosure of all eyes. The team was running on the flanks and making utmost use of the wings to put in the ball into play. In the first half we had the first goal coming our way.

By the half time, though we were drained and tired; the team was looking forward to a big score. In the second half, we pulled in 2 more field goals to put ourselves in a comfortable position 3-0. We would indeed have made it 4-0, making a very silly mistake by one of our forwards who had only the goalie before him to put in the goal. He spent a little time more contemplating to put in the ball and he missed the target by shooting straight at the goalkeeper. Litte mistakes do happen in the game. Say out of excitement or sheer bad luck, not withstanding we did have a great game today.

Kudos to the team for a brilliant display of Football.


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