A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam

A tribute to our honorable President, APJ Abdul Kalam

With his passing away, he has left a unimaginable and unfathomable void, which will never be filled in judiciously in the coming generations. We all love him as our Abdul Kalam, for he ruled our hearts as a warm, humble and simple being.

A few lines, I wrote for one of the greatest persons; India has ever seen and experienced.

Read through…. Thank you.

APJ Abdul Kalam
APJ Abdul Kalam

A P J Abdul Kalam, Our honourable President
is on our earth, no more a resident
when on this day, 27 of July
away, he passed on a peaceful evening of July

Talking away, his experiences and his thoughts
across folks of equal thoughts
In a flash, his heart suffered an arrest
and a noble soul was laid to rest

Scores of countrymen, without caste or creed
with sorrows, deep in their heart, they cried
In tribute to a man, who put country foremost
so that in this world, we’re the topmost

His life, so humble and simple
dedicated to a cause,

APJ Abdul Kalam
APJ Abdul Kalam

A noble, humble and simple person
was he, for he spend his life for a reason
To put, among the elite, our country
and brought pride to his country

His recognition in accolades and awards
brought him his much needed rewards
which are the only materials, he possess
’cause of the immense knowledge, he possesses

Sharing his cup of knowledge
with all alike, to acknowledge
their strengths and weaknesses,
He motivated all to improve their weaknesses

His assets, are his knowledge and his books
written so simple and for all to brook,
and read, to gain the eternal light
of knowledge, which to our brains, are a delight

Alas, we have lost, a statesman true,
who was powerful in knowledge, honest and true,
Who enlightened us, with his vision
and drove us, with his mission.

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