QA Complete – Setting up the Configuration for your Automation Scripts

QA Complete – Setting up the Configuration for your Automation Scripts.


It has always been a bane of Test Managers to manage their work and track it successfully. QA Complete, Test Link, ALM are some of the tools available to cater to such tedious functions of managing the complete set of test cases, and executing them successfully.

QA Complete provides the following benefits and ensures a complete and comprehensive set of test management capabilities. Besides this, it also promises a great delivery on centralized reporting across all aspects of testing; be it Manual or Automated testing.

Benefits of QAComplete

  1. Plan, Track and manage all kinds of test (Manual, Automated, and API tests).
  2. Since all the tests are managed in a centralized repository, the risk is mitigated to a great extent.
  3. Ability to create custom workflows to enable you to track according to the methodology you are following (Waterfall, Agile etc.).
  4. Ensures reusability across all your testing cycles.
  5. Provides a huge range of reporting for test coverage, defect trending and sprint statuses.
  6. Enables you to track changes done to the test cases.


Let’s see the steps involved to set up the configuration for QA Complete.

  1. Invoke the URL for QA Complete (This will depend on the setup done in your organization for QAComplete).

E.g. http://<<xx.xx.xx.xx>>/common/Logon.asp?app=agSPEnt

The following page comes up.

Invoking QA Complete
Invoking QA Complete


Note the Project which is populated at the top left corner.




The tab “Test Management” is selected. On selecting “Test Management”, the options that are displayed are as follows

  • Dashboard
  • Test Library
  • Test Sets
  • Configurations
  • Run History
  • Test Schedules
  • Test Hosts


  1. Select the option “Configuration” in order to setup for our Automation scripts.
  2. Click “Add New” to add a new configuration for the appropriate script.
The Configuration option within Test Management
The Configuration option within Test Management








4. On clicking “Add New“, the QA Complete application invokes a new screen prompting the user to enter the required details for the new configuration. Please refer to the figure given below.


Add a new QA Complete configuration
Add a new QA Complete configuration


5. Make the following entries and Submit the configuration.

Configuration Name :- Enter a suitable configuration title/ name for your configuration

Owner is pre-populated

Description: – A suitable description to distinguish from your list of configurations. Will come in handy when you have a hell lot of configurations to cater to.

A typical set of configuration names that you could set will be something like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Citrix etc.


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