Football – Corporate Champions League, Winners 2015

Football – Corporate Champions League, Winners 2015

Dated : Dec.21, 2015

After a long and brief stint on the match updates for Soccer, we have a wonderful News for all of you. As usual being held every year now in InfoPark for the last few years; the Corporate Champions League for Soccer took place on the 19th and 20th of December, 2015. The weekend was abuzz with a lot of activity and heartening news for PayCommerce. With the news of the Corporate Champions League being received by us for InfoPark, the die-hard crazy fans and well-wishers of the game took up the task of participating in the League. They quickly pooled in the money required to register for the Tournament. That was Goal # 1 and we got it in.’

Day 1 : Saturday, Dec.19, 2015

Finally the D-day dawned on the sunny and hot morning of 19th December, 2015. With the Indian peninsula experiencing one of the hottest year; the early morning sun was  uncomfortably hot enough to sap your energy and take its toll. The tournament was held on the Municipal Grounds at Elamakkara, Kochi. From InfoPark, 16 teams had confirmed their participation in the League. 16 teams coming from the top companies in InfoPark and we were one of them. We found ourselves in the Group B rubbing shoulders with the other teams in Hubble India, MicroObjects, and
We kicked off our campaign with the 10:30 AM match against Hubble India. As I said, the sun was uncomfortably hot. We got ourselves firing up on all cylinders in the first game and we romped home in style to win 1-0. The second game saw us pitted against MicroObjects. We blanked MicroObjects 3-0. As the day progressed, it was getting hot and humid. The team had to stay put in the ground since they had to play the next game on the same day. Finally at 11:00 PM, we played the final league game against This game saw us playing in one the heaviest rains Kochi has witnessed in recent years. In heavy rain with lightening and thunder, PayCommerce won with a 2-0 margin. It saw us closing our day with an all win and no goals conceded clean sheet.

With 3 victories coming in the league matches, we topped the Group B as the top team with the maximum points without conceding a single goal.

Day 2 : Sunday, Dec.20, 2015

With a clean sheet record of all wins and no goals conceded; we were in Day 2 ready for the Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final rounds. We were to come up against tougher and bigger opponents in this round.

The Quarter-Final was played against NeST (A large organization with around 2600 employees) at 3:30 PM. We won the match 3-0. In the Semi-Final played at 6:00 PM, we were put up against CTS (Cognizant) – a former winner of the Champions League. This in no way bogged us down and we geared up for the match in style playing out a 10-9 win. A 10-9 win speaks volumes of the quality and standard of the game. The full tie resulted in a goalless draw, which went into the extra time. This was not enough to resolve the grittly resolve of both sides to not lose the match. The extra time no-win situation went into the tie-break and penalty shootouts; which PayCommerce eventually won with a 10-9 margin.

This emphatic win put us into the Finals of the Corporate Champions League, 2015. During the course of these two days, we had crossed and leapt across numerous hurdles and we now found ourselves at the final obstacle leading to the winners cup.

In the Final played at 9:00 PM, we were up against the current holders of the Champions League trophy, TCS. With around 5000 employees, and with more opportunities towards the creation and selection of their team, TCS was a tough nut to crack. This did not deter us. We had already set our sights on the trophy and only one obstacle to achieving our GOAL. We beat TCS comprehensively 2-1. We have done it. We WON the Corporate Champions League, 2015 and we are now the current holders of this trophy. Adding glitter to our win, we also won accolades for our player Vivek Hariharan being the top scorer of the tournament and also being awarded the FairPlay award for no yellow or Red cards collected during the course of the games.

We have achieved our goal, but not without some stumbles and beatings we had taken along the path. Extreme weather and bad injuries took its toll on our players. With continuous 2 days of nearly 12 hours of playing in rain and shine; we have finally beaten the best teams and took the Championships from amongst 16 teams in the fray. George is down with serious knee ligament injuries. We wish him a speedy recovery.

It is time to share our joy and happiness with all of you for the win we achieved in the Corporate Champions League, 2015.


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