Peace on the Earth



Monday, May.23, 2016

After a nice weekend, we are back to Monday. This Monday was no different, since we all have the typical Monday blues of pulling off from the family on the weekends and throwing outselves into the hectic schedule for the week. The only thing in mind is the work schedule and what lay in store for us within the depths of countless emails. It was surely one such day. Before getting into the office, I spend my time at the Gym for my HIT workout and picked up a dear friend Pratheesh who accompanied me.

We hid the Kochi streets and what the heck!!! We were staring at a big traffic congestion at the Kakkanad Junction. We resigned ourselves to the fate that we have to endure this pain of snail-pacing through the roads until we reached our destination. Picking up a meagre speed of 7 to 10Kms/ hr., we made our way through the sea of vehicles, sometimes cursing the prodding and pushing attitude and the devil-may-care bike riders, the cautious should-I/ shouldn’t-I car owners and the damn-you-lilliputs truck/ bus drivers. We belonged to the should-I/ shouldn’t-I car owners group and were cautiously making our way through the confusion.

Suddenly I noticed a container truck overtaking me and making their way to move forward. We cursed him for his dare-devil manipulated positioning in front of us. We were swearing at the driver, because he had overtaken us from our left. Always keeping my eye open for any surprises within my range of view; I found something unusual at the back of the truck and asked Pratheesh to click a photo. What conspired between us to click this photo for all of you to see.

Me : Pratheeshe, aa truckinde backilthe photo onnu idukko? (Could you take a photo of the back of the truck?)

Pratheesh : Etha sambhavam. (What’s the matter?)

Me : Nee nokiyo. Athil oru saying und. Onnu sheriki nokammo. (Did you see? There is a saying. See carefully).

(Pratheesh was looking closely at the truck. He had no idea what it is all about. The picture says it all).

Peace on Earth - Picture 1
Peace on Earth – Picture 1

Pratheesh : Athe, Sheri annallo. (Yes, It’s true).

Me : Oru nalla photo click cheyu, iniki oru bloginnu oru topic kitti. (Click a nice photo, I have a topic for my blog).

Pratheesh : Sheri… (Okay)

(I tried to get my car closer to the truck so that Pratheesh gets a decent angle view to click the photo).


(We tried getting closer and you have another picture).

Peace on Earth - Picture 2
Peace on Earth – Picture 2

I tried my best to get a closer position and Pratheesh took a series of photos so that I could have the best picture for you. Here are the series of photos he clicked.

Me : Kitiyoda. (Did you get?)

Peace on Earth - Picture 3
Peace on Earth – Picture 3

Pratheesh : Ella ji. ee angle sheri alla. (No ji, this angle is not right).

Me : Sheri. njan korachukudiyum aduthu edukatte. (Okay, I shall take it more closer).

Pratheesh : hmmmmm… (Sighing…:-/)

Me : Ipol kitiyo? (Did you get it now?)

Pratheesh : Kitinnu thonunnu… (Think, I got it).


(Finally he got a good shot and it is for you all to see).

Pees on the World
Pees on the World

Me : Okay, iniki emailil aayichu tharanam tto… (Okay, send me an email).

Today, Thursday, May.26, 2016; I got a few minutes to put down this blog.

Note the picture we clicked for you and blogged subsequently. What do you make out in the picture? Do you get something unusual?


Well!!! The caption or the saying says “PEES ON THE EARTH”.

Well!!! (Pun intended) It really is raining Pees on the world. With so much of gross insensitivity across humans, we surely are facing the harsh realities of Kalyug. Be it violence, crime, rapes, corruption, thefts, murder and what not. Humans are plunging into the depths of everything imaginable. No wonder the truck owner (looks like a Haryana registration) has an inking on the going-ons and aptly given the caption as “PEES ON THE EARTH”.

Don’t you think, we want PEACE ON THE EARTH. Looks like I have a huge following thinking alike me. Thank you, Buddies…


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