Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar getting a fright of their lives. (Hilarious)

Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar getting a fright of their lives. (Hilarious)


Day : Monday, Jun.27, 2016

Monday, a day that gives any of us the morning blues because it is the day we return back to School and to Work after the mind boggling, freak-out weekend. Incidently, it was a different day to remember for my chums Abhilash Nambiar and Sheejan. They have been working with me on my project since the last 4+ years and have been with me for quite long.

It was a day when Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar went out in the afternoon on an errand and they had an experience that was hilarious and surely gave us a hearty laughter.

After completing their errand, they slotted in to a Petrol bunker at Karingachira. They filled up the petrol and made their way out of the bunker. Remember the Hero Honda advertisement “Fill it, Shut it, Forget it”. Yes, the same advertisement that is counted as one of hamara ads. They surely did FILL it, s******* it, F******* it. I will fill up the * later.

They pumped up the gas to make it back to the office. With nearly 1 to 1.3 Kms off from the petrol bunker, they found a big car overtake them, and screeched to a bumpy halt just in front of them. Sheejan in the driver seat and Abhilash Nambiar in the co-driver seat were perplexed. What the hell!!!

Out stumbled 2 to 3 rough heavyweights, looking their part as real heavyweights either pump on bodybuilding or just sheer size; their faces carrying a couple of days stubbles and looking mean. Sheejan and Abhilash stepped out feebly. Sheejan and Abhilash had lot of things crossing their minds.

Let’s see what they have been thinking. Really hilarious…
Both Sheejan and Abhilash were stunned since the Guys who alighted from the vehicle were all looking hefty, more like hoodlums.


Sheejan and Abhilash stopped by hefty, built, so called thugs
Sheejan and Abhilash stopped by hefty, built, so called thugs

Sheejan : (thinking to himself) Enthua… Mikavarum njan arakokke sthalum koduthilla thonunnu..Prashanam aayo?

[Did I overlook somebody trying to honk and overtake me and possibly I did not give them the space… Maybe I will be in trouble. Sheejan was expecting some thrashing from these guys.]

Abhilash Nambiar : (who has been standing besides Sheejan) Ithu enthu pulivaal aano? Ini Sheejan vellodhum opichithu aano? Aaaa. aarukke ariyaam.

[What the hell is this? Did Sheejan mess something up? Hey, Nobody knows.]
(Never know, Abhilash might be looking up to have an excuse to not get beaten by these so-called-thugs.)

Sheejan : Entha, Entha prashanam. (Hey, What’s the issue?)

The Guys : Ningaalude car-inde petrol cover thurannu kedukaa. Athinde cover avide vinutte aaro iduthe vechitunde. Avide poyyi kadayil chodikku.

[Your car petrol cover is open. The tank stopper has fallen down and somebody has picked it up. Go and ask in those shops nearby].

{Sheejan and Abhilash looked at each other and heaved a huge sigh of relief}

Sheejan : (Exclaiming loudly in his mind) Devamme!!! Pedichu poyyi. Athu urappu aayi addi kitulla.
Abhilash : (The biggest relieved of the two). Oh, Athre ullo karyam.

Sheejan : Vaa, Namuk nokittu varaam. [Come, We will see and come]

Abhilash : Vaa Sheeja… (That is how we all affectionately call Sheejan as Sheeja).

They both were so relieved and decided to go back and get back the petrol tank stopper. They parked their car, walked back and tried to get back the stopper.

Another funny incident follows..

The car petrol tank stopper does not have an exact name in Malayalam. So how are they going to get it back.

They got into every shop and asked about the stopper. Just see how they asked for it.

Sheejan : Chetta. Ningalude kayil car-inde petrol tankude adikunna cover undo. [Brother, Do you have the cover for the petrol tank with you].

As is the case with most shopkeepers, nobody would damn care anything about you. Some smiled it sheepishly, Some said they don’t have it in their shop, Some just smiled and got back to their work.

Poor them. They kept asking every possible person who was in close vicinity of the petrol bunker. Incidently, the stopper was taken care of by a wood cutter. He just handed it over and they said a BIG THANKS to this Chetta.

Don’t worry. The wood cutter did not ask them.

Hey, Are you searching for the Gold, Silver or wooden stopper. Wish it could have happened that way for another hilarious series.

Thanks to Sheejan and Abhilash Nambiar to come back and making us laugh in splits. Thank you, Sheejan & Abhilash.


I said you; I will come back to the FILL it, s******* it, F******* it. Here it is. The lady at the petrol bunker did really FILL it, Skipped it. Forgot it. I know you had something else in mind. Keep it to yourself. 🙂



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